Management Structures

Management Structure - Monitorinig Committee

Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee steers the Programme and ensures the quality and effectiveness of its implementation and approves projects for funding. It is composed of representatives of the Member States participating in the Programme.
According to art. 28 of Interreg Regulation, the MC has been set up within three months of the date of notification to the Member States of the Commission decision adopting the Interreg Programme.

Its composition has been agreed by Italy and Croatia and includes their relevant representatives. MC composition is in accordance with art. 8 of CPR and involves representatives of regional, local, urban and other public authorities, representatives of the economic and social partners; representatives of civil society and representative of research organisations and university.

Moreover, the MC includes, in advisory capacity, representatives of:
-    European Commission;
-    IPA ADRION Managing Authority
-    Audit Authority
-    Managing Authority
-    Joint secretariat, with role of support for the Monitoring Committee

According to article 28 of Interreg Regulation, the Monitoring Committee has been set up and adopted its Rules of Procedure.

See here the Monitoring Committee composition.

Management Structure - body - MANAGING AUTHORITY

Managing Authority

The Managing Authority is responsible for the management and implementation of the Programme in accordance with the principle of sound financial management and in line with EU regulations ruling the ERDF funds.
This role has been assigned to Veneto Region – Area for Policies, Human Capital and Programming of European Funds – Directorate for Joint Programming - Organisational Unit Italy-Croatia Managing Authority.

See here the Managing Authority composition.

Management Structure - body - Joint Secretariat

Joint Secretariat

The Joint Secretariat assists the Monitoring Committee and the Managing Authority in carrying out their respective functions and undertakes the day-to-day implementation of the Programme. It also provides guidance to project applicants and partners. The JS offices are located in Venice, the Head Quarter, and in Zadar, a Antenna Office.

See here the Joint Secretariat composition

Management Structure - body - AUDIT AUTHORITY

Audit Authority

The main task of the Audit Authority is to ensure that audits are carried out on the management and control systems of appropriate sample of projects and on the annual accounts according to internationally accepted audit standards in order to verify the expenditures declared.
This role has been assigned to Veneto Region – Direction Control System, Inspection Activities and regional statistical system.

See here the Audit Authority composition.

The AA is assisted by a Group of Auditors in accordance with art. 48 of Interreg Regulation.
The GoA is composed of a representative from each Member State participating in the Interreg Programme:

  • Italian representative  - Mr Michele Pelloso, Head of Control systems, inspection activities and SISTAR Directorate
  • Croatian representative - Mr Neven Sprilje, Director of the Agency for Audit of European Union Programmes Implementation System
    (substitute Ms Ana Srdinic-Kovacic, Head of Department within the Service for Audit of ETC Programmes). 

Management Structure - body - NATIONAL CONTROLLERS

National Controllers

For each Member State the bodies responsible for carrying out such verifications in relation to beneficiaries on their territory (FLCs) have been designated.
In Italy the First Level Control is organized in a de-centralised system. Each beneficiary shall appoint its own controller, according to instructions/procedures/requirements set in place by the MA on the basis of the guidelines set at national level for Interreg control systems. Controllers appointed by the beneficiaries can either be internal or external and have to be identified on the basis of requirements set in relevant Programme documents.
In Croatia the FLC is organized in a centralized system. The body in charge is:

Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds
Directorate for ETC, Sector for First Level Control
Address: MIRAMARSKA 22 - 10000 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

Mrs. Tamara Ivančević Posavac (Head of Service for First Level Contro of Cross Border Cooperation Programmes)
Mrs. Ines Horvat (Head of Department for Cross Border Cooperation Programmes with Member States)

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