Anti-fraud Policy

Antifraud Policy - body

Anti-fraud Policy

The Managing Authority (MA) for Italy-Croatia CBC Programme is committed to maintain high legal, ethical and moral standards, to adhere to the principles of integrity, objectivity and honesty and wishes to be seen as opposed to fraud and corruption in the way that it conducts its business. 

All members of staff are required and expected to share this commitment. 

The objective of this policy is to promote a culture which deters fraudulent activity and to facilitate the prevention and detection of fraud and the development of procedures which will aid in the investigation of fraud and related offenses and which will ensure that such cases are dealt with timely and appropriately. 

A procedure is in place for the disclosure of situations of conflict of interests. 

In its everyday action, being an administrative Unit within the Veneto Region, the MA acts in compliance with both the National and regional legal regulations concerning the transparency and anti-corruption policy, the latter providing rules, behaviors and mandatory declarations aimed at disclosing potential conflict of interests. 

The term fraud is commonly used to describe a wide range of misconducts including theft, corruption, embezzlement, bribery, forgery, misrepresentation, collusion, money laundering and concealment of material facts. It often involves the use of deception to make a personal gain for oneself, a connected person or a third party, or a loss for another – intention is the key element that distinguishes fraud from irregularity. Fraud does not just have a potential financial impact, but it can cause damage to the reputation of an organization responsible for managing funds effectively and efficiently. This is of particular importance for a public organization responsible for the management of EU funds. 

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