2nd Call for Proposals

Introduction to the Operations of Strategic Importance (OSI)

Introduction to the Operations of Strategic Importance (OSI)


We are currently working on our 2nd Call for Proposals of the 2021-2027 programming period, which will be dedicated to a new kind of projects, called Operations of Strategic Importance (OSI). According to the indicative timeline approved by the Monitoring Commitee last November 23rd 2023, this Call will be launched by Autumn this year

We set up a dedicated OSI Working Group made of the representatives of Italian Regions and Croatian Counties, led by the MA and JS. In order to identify the strategic themes to be included in the Call for Proposals we have also involved some external experts.

If you want to know more, check the brief resume we prepared about what OSIs are in the attached document. 


Title Published Download
OSI resume_final 18/03/2024

OSI Consultation Process - image with QR

OSI Consultation Process

Leaflet of the Consultation event with QR for registration

OSI Consultation Process - text

To involve key Programme partners and citizens in the Programme implementation and particularly in this Call for Proposals – in accordance with Art. 8(2) of the CPR (EU) 2021/1060 - we organised an on-line public cross-border Consultation on April 4th 2024. 

We had over 130 participants, who helped us understand how well the objectives defined for each Specific Objective (SO) by the OSI Working Group align with the real needs of the territory and to investigate operational aspects for the Call for Proposals.

We addressed different target groups, particularly: 

  • general public
  • specific groups of stakeholders
  • young people, according to the EU Youth Strategy
  • other Programmes of the Area (e.g. Interreg ADRION, Interreg Italy-Slovenia, and Interreg IPA South Adriatic) with a view to synergy and complementarity
  • EUSAIR representatives

Find out more on the event in the Report below


Title Published Download
Report OSI Consultation 19/04/2024

OSI Consultation Event - link

Below the registration of the event


Title and descritpion Link

Registration of the OSI Consultation event

OSI Consultation materials

Below the agenda and all presentations.


Title Published Download
Consultation AGENDA 20/03/2024
OSI_ ITEM 2 _ SO 2.1_Pilia 18/04/2024
OSI_ ITEM 2_ SO 2.2_Vetrini 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 1_Mason 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 1_Novello 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 2_ SO 3.1_ Bonesso 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 2_ SO 4.1_Nikoljic Djeric 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 2_SO 2.1_Novello 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 2_SO 2.2_Hrabar 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 2_SO 3.1_Zgaljic 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 2_SO 4.1_Adzic 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 4 _Simionato - Battini 19/04/2024
OSI_ITEM 5 _Comiati 19/04/2024
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