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SEA - Strategic Environmental Assessment

In compliance with Directive 2001/42/EC (the SEA Directive), the Programme should implement the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), to be conducted to assess the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment is foreseen in parallel with the definition of the Programme’s strategy and main elements. It should be an interactive process that provides the Programme drafting teams an external view, guidance and recommendations. Indeed, the SEA provides relevant information to assess the environmental challenges and considerations which will ensure that the environmental concerns are appropriately integrated in the decision making and implementation process of the Programme.

The main steps in the SEA process are the following:

  1. Scoping phase
  2. Environmental Report
  3. Public Consultation
  4. Consultation follow-up
  5. Information on the decision

sea - 02 - body - 1. SCOPING PHASE


The scoping phase aims to determine the scope and the level of detail of information to be included in the Environmental Report. From the 13th August to the 12th September, the Environmental Authorities of the Programme area have been consulted within the scoping process, on the basis of two preliminary documents:

The observations received, collected in the final scoping report, have been taken into consideration in the environmental report.

sea - 02 - body - 2. ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT


The environmental report contains the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the Programme and reasonable alternatives taking into account the objectives and the geographical scope of the Programme.


sea - 02 - body - 3. CONSULTATION


The authorities with specific environmental responsibilities and the general public shall be given an early and effective opportunity to express their opinion on the draft Interreg Programme and the accompanying environmental report.

To this purpose, a public consultation remained open from 30th November 2021 to 14th January 2022.

​​​​​​​Read more about the consultation here

sea - 02 - body - 4. CONSULTATION FOLLOW-UP


Inputs which emerged from the SEA consultation were collected in a unique document, available here​​​​​​​

sea - 02 - body - 5. INFORMATION ON THE DECISION


As required by Art. 55(4) Regulation (UE) No 1303/2013 and defined by the Directive 2001/42/EC, here is published the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Statement.