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consultation - 04 - body ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTATION


In compliance with Directive 2001/42/EC (SEA Directive), the Managing Authority is implementing a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to assess the likely effects of the  Interreg VI A Italy-Croatia 2021/2027 Programme on the environment.

The Programme elaborated the environmental report, prepared with an external evaluator support and with the participation of the relevant environmental authorities, both Italian and Croatian.

In order to keep the participation simple, a non-technical summary is available, containing the most relevant information. Anyone can take part into the consultation, sending observations and comment to the Managing Authority, both on the environmental report and on the draft of the Interreg Programme. The documents are available hereinafter:

The consultation remains open from the 30th November 2021 until the 14th January 2022

Contributions may be sent by email to the following address:, or by pec to the following address

Please remind to indicate in the email subject: "IT-HR 2021/2027 - SEA - public consultation".

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In order to ensure the involvement of the Programme partnership in accordance with the European Code of Conduct on Partnership (EU Regulation n. 240/2014), the Programme Task Force approved a Plan for the effective involvement and consultation process of the economic and social partners in the programming phase (first meeting of 2nd December 2020).

The Plan has established to hold the consultations for the Italy-Croatia 2021-2027 Programming period in two different moments and at two different levels, as described below:

  1. Local consultation: one on the Italian and one on the Croatian territory (for restricted stakeholders lists)
  2. Cross-border consultation: to be launched when a position of the TF on the main policy/specific objectives is made (open to all stakeholders)

consultation - 03 - body CROSS-BORDER CONSULTATION



The first step of the second round of consultations consisted in a survey addressed to the wider public - all Programme stakeholders. The survey, launched on 25th September and closed on 8th October 2021, collected all the inputs coming from both the previous local consultation and the TF’s decisions. The main aims of this survey were:

  • to know and collect the stakeholders’ opinion on the priority strategies and Policy and Specific objectives that have been identified by the TF
  • to collect input to define the actions and related target groups that will be implemented through the 2021-2027 Programme.

In total 166 stakeholders participated in the online survey: 94 from Italy and 74 from Croatia.


The second step of the second round of consultations was conceived as a Cross-border consultation webinar organized online on 21th October 2021 and opened to all Programme stakeholders.

The purpose of the webinar was to describe the 2021-2027 programming & consultation process, providing an overview of the POs and SOs selected by the TF and presenting the Intervention Logic followed to identify the examples of actions, as well as to analyse and discuss together with the stakeholders the answers collected through the on-line survey, with a particular focus on each thematic priority

The engagement of the participants was ensured by means of the live questions & answers and in the form of polls in order to collect suggestions for the fine-tuning of the 2021-2027 Programme, before its submission to the European Commission.

The webinar was attended by 220 participants: 78 stakeholders from Croatia, 141 from Italy and one from Albania have been engaged in the online webinar.

Please find all the useful materials from the webinar.



Video recording

The results of the on line questionnaire and the answers of the stakeholders to the polls launched during the webinar, have been extensively analysed by the MA and JS. They were subsequently submitted and discussed with the 2021-2027 Task Force, with a particular focus on the impact on the IP content and its fine-tuning.
In the overall report of the Cross-Border Consultation – Analysis of results it is possible to find a synthesis of all collected inputs and suggestions gathered from all the stakeholders involved, together with accompanying explanations on the modalities for their integration done by the Programme during the IP fine-tuning phase.

consultation - 02 - body LOCAL CONSULTATION


The first round of consultations started with two webinars organized online for Croatian and Italian stakeholders, on 15th and 16th April 2021, previously consulted via an online survey.

The consultations were organized according to the same shared methodology, but the language was adapted to the needs of the local stakeholders invited by the Programme on behalf of the Task Force 21-27, thus Croatian and Italian were used respectively in order to guarantee the full understanding and acknowledgement of the overall content.

Almost 200 participants joined actively the webinars: 70 stakeholders on the Croatian side and 120 on the Italian side have been engaged in the online webinar.

Poll voting was used to express stakeholder's opinion and provide inputs that have constituted the starting point in better shaping the new Programme 2021-2027, all around Programme's stakeholders needs. Please find out more from the presentations available to all stakeholders and about the results that came out from the live polling here below.


15th April 2021


  • Makro područje A – Analiza potreba teritorija Programa na domenama intervencije koje su već obuhvaćene Programom prekogranične suradnje Italija-Hrvatska za razdoblje 2014.-2020
  • Makro područje B – Ciljevi i ključni prioriteti u nacrtu EU propisa za razdoblje 2021.-2027.
  • Makro područje C – Projekti EUSAIR Flagship
  • Makro područje D – Inovacije u postupcima, vrste poziva




16th April 2021


  • Macro area A – Analisi dei bisogni del territorio del Programma sui settori di intervento già coperti dal Programma Interreg Italia-Croazia 2014-2020
  • Macro area B – Obiettivi e priorità chiave delle proposte di Regolamento per il periodo 2021-2027
  • Macro area C – Azioni EUSAIR Flagship
  • Macro area D – Innovazione nelle procedure e tipi di bandi




31st May 2021


The current document - Stakeholders' Consultations 21- 27 - presents an in-depth analysis and presentation of the stakeholders' needs and inputs received during the live poll organized in occasion of the 2 webinars with Croatian and Italian local stakeholders. It is possible to read the aggregated data results, as well as the entries from the Croatian and Italian stakeholders.

The different colours used in the infographics facilitate the comprehension and data reading.