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New competitiveness for the logistics companies - Transpogood Forum

New competitiveness for the logistics companies - Transpogood Forum

Published on 19/07/2019 (last modified 19/07/2019)


Jul 19, 2019 h.

On Friday, July 19, Development Agency, Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara and Unioncamere Veneto organize a Forum of the project TRANSPOGOOD.

On Friday, July 19, Development Agency, Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara and Unioncamere Veneto organize a Forum of the project TRANSPOGOOD.

The forum is mainly dedicated to innovation in logistics as a tool for a new competitiveness, in an increasingly complex world in which it is necessary to be able to manage relations with customers and suppliers while keeping control as much as possible. on physical and informational flows, and of course on costs.

During the Forum the Transpogood Platform will be presented and its functions to find the best solution for transport services and reduce the impact on the environment.






Intermodal Transport Cluster


Rijeka - Croatia


​​​​​​​KIP is a consortium governed by public law based in Rijeka established on the initiative of Croatian Ministry of Sea. Its members are all Croatian port authorities, ports, Croatian railways, major agents and freight forwarders and other transport stakeholders. KIP employs experts with vast experience in management of EU cooperation projects, ensuring the timely and smooth implementation of administrative and financial activities. In addition to transnational and cross-border cooperation.

E-mail: info@shortsea.hr


CFLI– Intermodal Logistics Training Consortium


Established in 1993, CFLI is entrusted with the promotion and the management of activities regarding training, professional updating, specialization and re-qualification of workers in LOGISTICS and INTERMODAL sectors. The Consortium is composed by Venice Port Authority and Ancona Port Authority, CFLI, as training institution of the Venice Port authority has a long-standing experience in territorial cooperation, both a partner and as in-house body of the VPA.

Contact person: Claudia Forzan

E-mail: claudia.forzan@cfli.it



Istrian Development Agency - IDA ltd


IDA’s primary role lies in stimulating the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in the Region of Istria by securing financial support, providing education and training programmes, developing entrepreneurial infrastructure, investing in research and development, providing information and advisory support to entrepreneurs, offering services to prospective foreign and local investors.



Unioncamere | Regional Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region


Unioncamere del Veneto represents Veneto's 5 Chambers of Commerce and hosts Eurosportello del Veneto, an information and assistance office that provides services and help to its business community in the EU market. It is a partner of EEN, the world largest business support network. Main tasks of UCV include design and implementation of activities in favour of economic development, SMEs internationalization, consumer protection etc. Eurosportello coordinates Friend Europe, one of 5 Italian EEN.

    Contact person: Roberta Lazzari


Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti


The Special Agency ( ASVI) is the instrumental body of the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti whose main goal is to support and promote the general interests of enterprises located in the province of Chieti. ASVI operates with the most important stakeholders at local and regional level such as SMEs’ Association , Universities, Schools and training schools, services providers, Regional public institution. Competencies: information and training services, specialized advisory and coaching services.

Contact person: Giovanni Marcantonio

E-mail: giovanni.marcantonio@ch.camcom.it


Elevante Trading & Consulting S.R.L.


Elevante was created in 2012 as a company focused on innovation services and ICT applications in the transport and logistics sector as a part of the Codognotto Group. Based in Trieste, Elevante is bringing new added value to enterprises and institutions through redesigning their processes, based on information, efficiency and vision. The Centre for Transport and Logistics Research is the Unit of Elevante specialized in developing research projects applicable at Italian and International scale.


Port of Zadar Authority - Commercial Affairs, Port Operations And Marketing


Port of Zadar Authority - Commercial Affairs, Port Operations And Marketing ​​​​​​​

The Port of Zadar authority has competence- among others, in building, maintaining, managing, protection and improvement of maritime estate of the port area, building and maintaining port’s infrastructure, technical and technological harmony and maritime safety. Port of Zadar Authority is organized through four sectors, which are divided in departments, it employs a large number of highly qualified employees with specializations in economy, law, engineering

Contact person:

E-mail: dstambuk@port-authority-zadar.hr


Port of Ploče Authority


The Port Authority of Ploče, is organized in four sectors, which are divided in departments. The employees in the Port of Ploče Authority are very competent, high experienced in the port business including logistics, IT, environmental issues and other important fields. Port of Ploče has developed its own PCS system and has developed competences in the field of of bottleneck identification relevant for the project.

E-mail: ppa@ppa.hr


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