Article about SUSPORT published in Nase more magazine

Article about SUSPORT published in Nase more magazine

Published on 24/11/2022 (last modified 24/11/2022)

“Naše more” is an international scientific journal of marine sciences with a long tradition.

There are few journals in the world with such a rich history. The journal was founded in Dubrovnik in 1919 by  prominent ship-owners, seafarers and bankers. 

The main scientific fields that the journal covers are: technical, biotechnical, and natural sciences related to the sea, the shore and the underwater environment. Topics are discussed on a scientific, professional and popular level and include navigation, ship technologies and marine engineering, maritime industry, transport, shipping, maritime law, oceanology, aquaculture, environmental protection and marine biology, i.e. maritime and seafaring topics in the broadest sense. In addition, the journal covers the topics concerning nautical tourism, as well as the education of seafarers.

You can read the article about SUSPORT project here:


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