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5th Project Meeting

Published on 10/06/2021 (last modified 10/06/2021)


Jun 09, 2021 h.10.00


Jun 09, 2021 h.12.00




via Zoom

On 9th June will be held the 5th project meeting

Here the complete programme of the meeting

10.00 WP1 Project management and coordination of activities (Ca’ Foscari)
- D.1.2.5. PP Activity Reports: information on how to report
- D.1.4.3. Audit Certifications: information on how to report

10.20 WP2 Communication activities (SIPRO)
- D.2.3.6 S.LI.DES. Destination video: discussion of the document proposed by SIPRO
- D.2.4.1 Open Regional Workshops
- D.2.4.2 S.LI.DES Destination tour: discussion of the document proposed by SIPRO
- D.2.4.3 External events participation: update on the next events

10.50 WP3 Act. 3.2 The Visitors’ mobility model (CAST)
- Update on the server in Rimini and the data flow from Venezia and Bari

11.00 WP4 Pilot actions (DURA)
- D.4.1.1. Destination dashboard prototype: general update
- D.4.2.1. Pilot actions methodology: update about Annex 2

11.30 WP5 The S.LI.DES. strategy (Municipality of Venezia)
​​​​​​​- Preliminary considerations

11.40 4th Steering Committee Meeting
- Next project meetings
- Major change

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