2020.10.21 RESPONSe Mid-term conference - 2020.10.21 RESPONSe Mid-term conference - RESPONSe


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RESPONSe | Mid-term conference

Published on 28/09/2020 (last modified 20/10/2020)


Oct 21, 2020 h.9:00


on line event 


Zoom platform (links sent to event subscribers)

Are our Adriatic coastal communities adapting to the rising climate risk? Let's talk about this with experts on October 21st, 2020  

After 21 months of research on climate change and adaptation measures in Adriatic regions, RESPONSe project partners organized an event to gather people interested in learning more about these topics and to share through discussion groups. 

"Are our Adriatic coastal communities adapting to the rising climate risk?": this is the title of the conference that will be held on October 21st, 2020, on Zoom platform.

The event is primarily organized for residents and public authorities of Adriatic coastal areas (both Italian and Croatian), but also for all other public interested in climate change mitigation and adaptation possibilities.

The goal of this event is to exchange the knowledge of the experts and experiences of local communities which will help to define action plans tailored by the specific characteristics of the observed area.

Project RESPONSe - Strategies to adapt to climate change in the Adriatic regions - is bilateral project between Italy and Croatia. The project aims to help local communities (Italian and Croatian) along the Adriatic coast in improving climate change monitoring and planning adaptation measures to the specific impacts of climate change. The project supports the Adriatic coastal municipalities by promoting smart governance of the risks arising from climate change. 

Detailed agenda:



Logging to Zoom


Welcome words

  1. IOF and DHMZ representatives

  2. Local community representatives

  3. JS presentation / Project Officer


Welcome words and introduction by the Lead Partner (LP)

  1. LP (INFORMEST): What are we aiming to do with the RESPONSe project?

  2. DHMZ and IOF: Documenting the observed and projected climate change over the RESPONSe focus areas

  3. Time for questions & comments


Invited talks

  1. Miroslav Gačić (OGS) How Adriatic and Ionian talk to each other?

  2. Vedrana Kovačević (OGS) Adriatic and Ionian in a rotating pool

  3. Time for questions & comments


Short break


4 Breakout groups - Choose a group discussion between:

  1. Adapting to climate change: addressing vulnerabilities in the Adriatic region

  2. How to engage our communities in future climate adaptation?

  3. Extreme weather alert systems as a support to local public authorities

  4. How to fund and secure support for the climate change adaptation activities?

Joining back and sharing the main conclusions of each breakout group


Closing the meeting


Please join us on Zoom through the link sent to event subscribers (please check you spam folder in case you haven't received the email with all connection details. If you have any questions please write to: ivan.guettler@cirus.dhz.hrvjeran.magjarevic@cirus.dhz.hrresponse.dhmz@gmail.com).