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Project MARLESS; Participation at Summit del Mare – Costa Veneta Green Lab

Published on 28/10/2022 (last modified 28/10/2022)

The event took place in two moments. During the morning the tables of the Mayors of the Venetian coast were organized with the participation of Arpav, representatives of scientific institutes, bathing consortia, municipalities and Veneto region, where each table discussed specific topic to address the issue of marine litter

The Marless project was involved in two of the ten tables, discussing and comparing the pilot actions carried out by the project. In the Table 8 - Chioggia it has been discussed about blue economy and the management of the marine litter and the refusals "beached" while in the Table 9 - Rosolina the various stakeholders have been confronted regarding the hydraulic defense, safety and the planning of the marine space. At the end of the morning, a spokesperson for each table produced a summary document with the best practices to be put in place to continue the objective of managing and reducing the ML of the Adriatic coast.

In the afternoon, the summary documents produced for each table were exposed to all the public at the congress hall of the Almar Resort in Jesolo. At the end of the event, the ceremony ended with the award ceremony of the Arpav Lead Partner for the Marless project.

During the event, several colleagues belonging to Arpav spoke in the two discussion tables, presenting the Marless project and discussing the various actions carried out by the project so far, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.