European Maritime Day 2022 - Participation of project MARLESS - European Maritime Day 2022 - Participation of project MARLESS - MARLESS


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European Maritime Day 2022 - Participation of project MARLESS

Published on 12/05/2022 (last modified 19/05/2022)


May 12, 2022 h.


Ravenna, Italy


Pala de André - Pitch Stage (Ground floor)

Pitch Stage 2 - MARLESS Project: MARine Litter cross-border awareness and innovation actions


Thursday, May 19, 2022

The aim of the session is firstly to give an overview on the MARLESS Interreg European project -Marine litter cross border awareness and innovation actions – and then to show the progresses done up to now about the topic. The topic will be presented from an environmental, engineering, and chemical point of view. It will be given also a look on what has been done up to now and what still needs to be done to conclude the project with satisfying results. The general objective of the project is to implement concrete and joint interventions that allow to address the phenomenon of marine litter from different points of view and methods of intervention. The project therefore puts into effect concrete actions of monitoring, management, prevention and removal of the marine litter without neglecting the normative aspect within which these actions are framed. Finally, it proposes innovative and experimental actions aimed at treating plastic waste in a circular economy perspective.


Andrea Contin - MARLESS - The problem of plastics at sea: awareness and innovation

Daniela Francia - Associate Professor DIN, School of Engineering and Architecture ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - University of Bologna - Overview of microplastics collection systems at sea

Laura Aiudi - Fondazione Cetacea Onlus - Fishing for Litter activities in the Adriatic Sea.

Programe of the European Maritime Day 2022.