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PromoTurismoFVG is a Destination Management Organization that has the task of developing the regional tourist system by supplying the guidelines and collaborating with individuals, to give consistency to the promotion and increase the resources. Our tools are territorial design and quality plans, advertising, trade fairs, media, web, research and market analysis, training, a wide range of editorial products and a coordinated reception, thanks to which promo-marketing assumes practical relevance.

Contact person: Alessia Del Bianco Rizzardo

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angle-left null FAIRSEA Kick off meeting

FAIRSEA Kick off meeting

Published on 24/06/2019 (last modified 14/02/2020)

On 7th and 8th February the kick off meeting of the FAIRSEA project was held in Trieste.

The Kick-off meeting of FAIRSEA (Fisheries in the AdriatIc Region a Shared Ecosystem Approach) project was held inTrieste on the 7th and 8th of February 2019, at premises of the Camera di Commercio Venezia Giulia (Sala Desiata) located in Piazza della Borsa, 14.

During the first Kick off meeting all partners discussed activities, schedule, responsibilities and budget of the FAIRSEA project.

The FAIRSEA project aims at enhancing transnational capacity and cooperation in the field of an ecosystem approach to fisheries in the Adriatic region by exchanging knowledge and sharing good practices among partners. The collective development of the integrated platform will enhance partners’ expertise on an approach seldom carried out in the Mediterranean Sea. The efforts are embedded in a spatially explicit management platform that will allow to share expertise, create a common pool of knowledge, boost the operational application of the ecosystem approach to fisheries, enhance the competence in complex system dynamics, and foster a consensus on the state of the environment and fisheries in the region. The platform will result in a spatially explicit dynamic tool integrating cornerstone elements for an ecosystem approach to fisheries that are: water masses circulation and connectivity (module HYDRO), biogeochemical planktonic processes (BGC), distribution of resources (BSTAT), catch and fleet statistics (FSTAT), effort distribution (EFFORT), bioeconomic responses (BIOECO) and food web dynamics (FWM).

Since the best way to reach sustainability targets is to ensure stakeholders’ participation, which requires time, trust, transparency and efficient steering, the development of the integrated platform will be carried out also including participation, insights and feedbacks from stakeholders.

The shared integrated platform will be used as a planning tool to implement demonstrative testing of applicable fisheries policies both at local (subareas) and whole Adriatic scales. Especially, it will provide a scientific basis to formulate and evaluate shared management advice in the local and international participatory processes, answering to the need of reference points knowledge for the optimisation between ecological and socio-economical sustainability. The process developed in FAIRSEA will provide an opportunity to describe best practices and define guidelines for a sustainable fishery management.