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Čavle – Connecting slow living and adrenaline

Published on 12/02/2021 (last modified 23/02/2021)

Located in the heart of Croatia, at the crossroads on the way to the seaside, or further inland and into the mountains, municipality of Čavle has really enviable geographical position. On the hinterland of Rijeka, which is just 5 minutes away, and in near proximity of Opatija and Crikvenica, Čavle developed through the years, successfully combining two seemingly incompatible things – slow and calm living with various adrenaline activities for the visitors. With Grobnik Circuit, which is well known worldwide, and Grobnik Fankopan castle, which is still working on its recognition, Čavle’s main attraction is Platak ski resort – known as “The hill of enjoyment” with top-down view on the entire Kvarner bay. How is all of that connected in this small area, explained Ivana Cvitan Polić, mayor of the Municipality of Čavle.

No traffic and stress, fascinating nature with a view on Adriatic Sea, with plenty of adrenaline and sport activities. That is Municipality of Čavle, located in the hinterland of Rijeka, just minutes away from city noise and in near proximity of Opatija and Crikvenica - important Croatian tourist destinations. With everything within reach, many locals are working in Rijeka or in near industrial zone Kukuljanovo, so living in Čavle remains slow and comfortable. How everything developed in this loveable destination and what it has to offer to tourists, revealed Ivana Cvitan Polić, mayor of the Municipality of Čavle.

Fast cars, old castle and ski resort

- What we are best known for and most internationally visible is our Grobnik Circuit. For that reason, we are trying to brand the name of Grobnik, rather than Čavle, since it is much more recognizable in Europe and other parts of the world. We are also known for the Grobnik castle - but still insufficiently enough. It is an old Frankopan castle dating from the 13th century, whereas most of its present appearance derives from the 15th and 16th century – said Cvitan Polić, adding that with European funds whole castle will be renovated and presented to tourists, who could soon discover it with the help of modern technologies and virtual reality.

- One of Čavle's main attractions is Platak - our “Hill of enjoyment”. Its Radiševo peak is located at 1.363 meters above sea level, but what makes this ski resort special is his top-down view on the entire Kvarner bay, which is a really unique feature. Also, it is a ski resort facing south, with lots of sun, making it a truly incredible experience to ski on a beautiful sunny day. However, Platak is much more than just a ski resort. Platak is a year- round resort, which expanded and developed rapidly in the last 5 to 10 years – explained mayor of Municipality of Čavle, noting that most of the people can’t recognize Platak when they come back after many years, because it now contains all possible sport fields.

Hidden oasis - not for long

With all the features, mayor thinks that Municipality of Čavle could just “explode” with tourists, when all the potentials get more recognizable, especially because of enviable geographical position.

- We are practically in the heart of Europe. We are already “sick” of the sun, sea and beach activities that are slowly getting boring, while here we have all the bike paths, promenades, beautiful nature and the river Rječina right next to us. An utmost rich culture and wonderful events have developed here over the years, like the Polenta and cheese festival, which together with our beautiful bellmen and milkmaids make culture and folk content, while for the tireless tourists there are adrenaline activities like skydiving and flying school on our civil airport – concluded Ivana Cvitan Polić, doubting that Čavle will remain hidden oasis for long.