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5 - Integrated governance for stronger cooperation
SO 5.1 - Better cooperation for governance


DEMY-Coop Decision-Making Youth for CB-COOPeration

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IT - 000000
HR - 111111
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Project specific objectives

  • To facilitate youth engagement in strategic decision-making processes by activating both Local or Regional Authorities and Youth Organisations and raise their awareness about the benefit of cross-border cooperation for a better, more meaningful youth engagement
  • To increase Local and Regional Authorities and Youth Organisations's capacities to collaborate and co-design strategic policies also through cross-border cooperation

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Project main outputs

  • Building capacities of public authorities and stakeholders of improving legal and administrative collaboration and governance-related mechanisms in the Programme area.
  • Strengthening communication channels among main stakeholders and different governance levels in Italy and Croatia.

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The DEMY-Coop project focuses on engaging youth in strategic policy-making addressing the inequalities and challenges faced by young people in the aftermath of the pandemic.

By prioritizing youth involvement in decision-making and policy formulation, this Small-scale project aims to facilitate an inclusive and sustainable recovery, emphasizing the well-being and active participation of young individuals in various social, economic, and political spheres.


Lead partner

The Lead partner represents and takes full financial and legal responsibility for the entire partnership.

Eurelations European Economic Interest Grouping

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News & Events

  • NEWS

    DEMY-Coop Newsletter # 1 is out!

    DEMY-Coop Newsletter # 1 released to update stakeholfers and the widest public about project progress

  • NEWS

    DEMY-Coop awareness raising campaign launched

    DEMY-Coop awareness raising campaign launched with a service by regional TV, TG RAI Molise

  • NEWS

    DEMY-Coop. A Small-scale project with a strong macroregional relevance.

    DEMY-Coop is an Interreg IT-HR Small-scale project with a strong macroregional relevance.

  • NEWS

    DEMY-Coop kick-started in Campobasso

    DEMY-Coop was kick-started in Campobasso last 22 November

    Start date:
    22 Nov 2023
    End date:
    22 Nov 2023

    Kick-off-Meeting in Campobasso (IT)

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