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Split | Basic School of Auteur Film making

Published on 24/07/2019 (last modified 30/04/2020)

Split | Basic School of Auteur Film making

Activity 3.3. Education of artist and students were organized by PI RERA S.D. and Kino Klub Split. First, public call was announced for 5 students interested in the creative process of making short audio-visual auteur works through the educational art programme “Basic School of Auteur Filmmaking”. This programme combined two units carried out during two workshops: Developing ideas and preproduction, and Filming and editing. The first workshop was held from 13th – 15th May 2019, and the second one from 16th – 18th May 2019.
The programme offered a variety of content including both theory and practice. Students were gain a basic theoretical knowledge of audio-visual media and the basics of filmmaking; they learned different auteurial approaches and conditions of producing audio-visual works. The workshops were organized in a theoretical and practical way, and are conducted by experts from the field of audio-visual media and producers who serve both as lecturers/mentors. During the practical part, students were participate in the filmmaking process on selected locations.


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