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Management of Actions to Reduce the outmIgration of yOung educated people



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Project specific objectives

Project specific objectives

  • To improve the capacity to read the phenomenon of outward migration and demographic change, causes and the effectiveness of measures to tackle it with adopting common approaches and instruments towards an effective regional disparities
  • To define jointly, peer review nd commonly adope integrated territorial strategies to counteract outmigration at a partner area level, with concrete measures and tailored monitoring indicators.

Target group

Project main outputs

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  • 3 strategies and action plans jointly developed
  • 3 Municipalities from three different regions from programme countries cooperating accross borders to tackle the issue of outmigration of young educated people and related demographic change

About section


The Small-scale project M.A.R.I.O. aims to address outward migration in the IT-HR area, particularly concerning young educated individuals. By recognizing the societal challenges posed by outward migration, such as aging populations, inequality, climate change, and unemployment, M.A.R.I.O. takes an integrated territorial governance approach to tackle the problem comprehensively.

It emphasizes the importance of involving both public and private organizations and responding to the needs of the young people, leveraging their experiences to benefit their original communities. M.A.R.I.O. acknowledges the freedom of movement within the European Union and strives to create conditions that encourage young people to return to their communities.


Lead partner

The Lead partner represents and takes full financial and legal responsibility for the entire partnership.

Municipality of Castelbottaccio

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