Animated video about GECO2

The GECO2 project becomes a cartoon

Published on 06/09/2021 (last modified 06/09/2021)

Published in three languages - english, italian and croatian - the cartoon tells in 90 seconds what is the purpose of the project

It is going to be presented officialy at Macfrut 2021, the international fruit&veg exhibition to be held in Rimini: a new animated video to explain in a quick and simple way the concepts behind the GECO2 project. Edited in three languages - English, Italian and Croatian - the cartoon tells in 90 seconds what is the purpose of the project, aimed at creating a new carbon market dedicated to farmers. The video will be available in a few days in GECO2 social media channels.


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«This is how we calculate CO2 emissions in the fields»

Published on 19/07/2021 (last modified 19/07/2021)

Daily newspaper Corriere Romagna writes about Geco2's Carbon Calculator

Italian daily newspaper Corriere Romagna has published a long article about GECO2 project. The story was featured in june 23rd issue of its Economy&Business supplement. The article focuses on the Carbon Calculator instrument, a tool programmed within the GECO2 project to help farmers estimating their carbon footprint. Lead programmer Antonio Volta explains how the algorithm behind the software has been built from scratch. GECO2 project, funded by the InterReg programme, aims to build a voluntary carbon credit market where farmers can sell credits generated by carbon storage and sustainable farming practises to companies that want to offset their emissions.


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