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Enhance of previous work in “Museo Nazionale di Archeologia del Mare – Caorle” 

Published on 08/04/2020 (last modified 08/04/2020)

 The permanent exhibition

The Museo Nazionale di Archeologia del Mare in Caorle will be the perfect location for the future digital installation of Project UnderwaterMuse. The museum host the permanent exhibition on Mercurio brig carried out by the Università Ca’ Foscari and multimedia stations have been installed, a head-mounted display of the underwater site, creating an exhibit through a permanent VR station, touchscreens with the GIS of the shipwreck and with the reconstruction of the hull of the brig. This project was designed to offer the ability to the general public to virtually visit the underwater site and we are working on the same topics on the Project UnderwaterMuse. 

Here you can see short video of our previous work on Mercurio