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3.1: Make natural and cultural heritage a leverage for sustainable and more balanced territorial development


Molise Region


  • General public
  • Local, regional and national public authorities
  • Regional and local development agencies, enterprises (in particular SMEs within the cultural and creative industry as well as the environmental and tourism sector)
  • ​​​​Education and training organisations as well as universities and research institutes


The goal of the project is to develop and promote a wide crossborder network of
accessible tourist destinations with natural and cultural heritage in order to reduce
reliance on seasonal tourism and promote social inclusion by sharing approaches and
methods and by joint-promoting tourism services for disadvantaged people and for
those with special accessibility needs (e.g. the disabled, the elderly).

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Molise Region


Campobasso - Italy


Molise Region is a public regional body. Its administrative organization is divided into several departments, which pursue specific activities and objectives. The Tourism Department deals with regional tourism policies and works in close cooperation with the European Territorial Cooperation Service, a specific unit with project managers and assistants created with the purpose of providing technical assistance to the other departments of the Region involved in ETC projects.

Contact person: Sorrentino Fatica

E-mail: tourism4all@regione.molise.it​​​​​​​


Veneto Region - Tourism Department


Veneto Region is a public regional body. Tourism Department deals with regional tourism policies, financial opportunities, tourism promotion and growth, tourism regulations at regional level.Since 2011 Tourism Department has a Unit specialized in ECT projects to develop, carry out better innovative approaches, actions and tools linked to regional tourism policies, working together with European institutions and partners on the one hand and with the stakeholders and the territoryon the other

Contact person: Nadia Giaretta

E-mail: T4A@regione.veneto.it​​​​​​​


Public Institution RERA S.D. for coordination and development of Split-Dalmatia County


PI RERA S.D. is a regional development agency and interdisciplinary institutionestablished by Split-Dalmatia County for the purposeof preparation and implementation of projects related to the regional development. The Institution alsoundertakes necessary activities thatare closely connected to the: - Regional development and competitive economy - Strategy of branding and Strengthening County recognition - Rural tourism development and development of new products in tourism.

Contact person: Bernarda Kuliš

E-mail: bernarda.kulis@rera.hr​​​​​​​


City of Zadar


City of Zadar is a local self-government unit, with the administrative area that includes the city of Zadar, (around 75 000 people), four nearby settlement sand seven islands. The mission is a responsible and efficient management of public affairs in accordance with interests and needs of its citizens. The City of Zadar is active participant in the field of transnational and cross-border cooperation in cooperation with numerous foreign local governments and international organizations.

Contact person: Josip Milić

E-mail: josip.milic@grad-zadar.hr​​​​​​​


Šibenik Tourist Board


Šibenik Tourist Board is a main strategic and marketing organization for Šibenik destination management. It has a major role in coordinating and supporting development of diversified,sustainable and inclusive local tourist offer, cooperation among tourist s industry stakeholders as well as information sharing and promotion. Šibenik Tourist Board is a partner on two on going Interreg Italy-Croatia projects: Tourism 4 all and S.LI.DES, as well as on several others funded by other programs.

Contact person: Dino Karađole

E-mail: dino@sibenik-tourism.hr


Special Agency Concentro of the Chamber of Commerce Industry, Agricolture and Craft of Pordenone


ConCentro is a no-profit organization acting on the Chamberof Commerce behalf.In 2015 it managed "Pordenone In_Rete" project with Pordenone Municipalityfor the development of an accessible natural shopping center andaccessible tourist destination in Pordenone. The project was included as bestpractices of accessible cities identified by the Italian National Institute of Urbanism(INU).

Contact person: Marica Veronese

E-mail: internazionalizzazione@pn.camcom.it




Regional Institute for Cooperative Education and Studies IRECOP


Irecoop Veneto is a regionally accredited training organization established in 1978 by the Confcooperative Veneto and the Federation of Cooperative Credit banks. Its aim is to support development of cooperative enterprises and their business sectors in the Veneto Region by innovative projects, by individual consulting, by delivering vocational basic and follow-up training, professional qualification and re-qualification activities for cooperatives, job seekers, disadvantaged groups etc.

Contact person: Maria Franca Barison

E-mail: f.barison@irecoop.veneto.it


Croatian Camping Association


The Croatian Camping Association is a national non-profit association with a membership of more than 200 campsites in Croatia (around 93% of the total camping capacity). Its main aim is the promotion of Croatian campsites and their interests, as well as the increase of the overall quality of camping services, with special emphasis on their environmental impact, sustainable development, accessibility and education. CCA is member of several national councils and international organizations.

Contact person: Adriano Palman

E-mail: adriano.palman@camping.hr​​​​​​​


DELTA 2000 Consortium Company with limited liability


DELTA 2000 is as local Development Agency and Local Action Group LAG in Po Delta area and FLAG in the Emilia-Romagna region. It is a company of 64 partners representing the main local institutions and economic and social stakeholders. The aim of DELTA2000 is to promote local resources and economic activities in harmonised and integrated way in order to support economic growth and create new development opportunities, focusing our attention on local resources and needs.

Contact person: Angela Nazzaruolo

E-mail: info@deltaduemila.net



Social Cooperative Society Odòs


The company is located in Jesi (Ancona). It deals with the job reintegration of disadvantaged or in economic difficulty people, through several activities and projects. Tailoring, cleaning and social farming are the different activities undertaken by the company over the last few years.In the next years the goal is to work increasingly in the context of European cooperation, through projects of various kinds in the social field.

Contact person: Nicholas Murdica

E-mail: progetti@cooperativaodos.it​​​​​​​


Apulia Region - Department of Tourism, Economy of Culture and Valorization of Territory


The Department is responsible of the regional development and execution of tourism policies, strategies and action plans (Regional Master Plan of Tourism: Puglia 365, Regional Master Plan for Culture PIIIL). It is responsible for ROP Puglia 2014-20, specific objectives that concern valorization of cultural heritage (museums, archaeological sites, libraries) and support to cultural activities. The Department includes 3 regional museums, specialized in archaeology, history and contemporary art.

Contact person: Anna Introna

E-mail: a.introna@regione.puglia.it



Aspira – University College of Management and Design


Aspirawas founded in 2008 in Split by Modern College, and with the Maritime College Atlantis, these three institutions make one educational group. Aspira as a private college and non-profit organization,conducts and implements professional studies of Sports Management, Computer Engineering, International Hotel and tourismmanagement and lifelong learning programs and trainings in different sectors.Our mission creating educational experience through collaboration with the industry leaders.

Contact person: Petra Mandac

E-mail: petra.mandac@aspira.hr



City of Buje-Buie


City of Buje is located in the northwestern part of the Istrian peninsula and the Republic of Croatia. Approximately 5,300 inhabitants live in the area of 103.40 km2. Due to its strategic position, the City of Buje is a significant traffic hub of international character.

Contact person: Sabrina Quarantotto

E-mail: s.quarantotto@buje.hr


Local Action Group “Brač”


​​​​​Local Action Group (LAG) Brač is a local partnership of public, private and civil sector in equal relations. The goal of establishing the LAG Brač is to improve the overall development and raise the competitiveness of the island of Brač, through the development of local development strategies and the implementation of specific joint development projects.


Contact person: Vanja Purić
E-mail: voditelj.lagbrac@gmail.com



Asset Publisher

Asset Publisher


Here all the documents

Catalogo Turism4all ITA

PUBLISHED ON 10/11/2021
PDF (41.9 Mb)

Catalogo Turism4all HR

PUBLISHED ON 10/11/2021
PDF (42.08 Mb)

Catalogo Turism4all ENG

PUBLISHED ON 10/11/2021
PDF (42.17 Mb)

Tourism4ALL brochure ITA

PUBLISHED ON 15/12/2021
PDF (18.47 Mb)

Tourism4ALL brochure HR

PUBLISHED ON 15/12/2021
PDF (18.19 Mb)

Tourism4ALL brochure ENG

PUBLISHED ON 15/12/2021
PDF (18.34 Mb)

Tourism4ALL brochure ITA final

PUBLISHED ON 15/12/2021
PDF (17.02 Mb)

Tourism4ALL brochure HR final

PUBLISHED ON 15/12/2021
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Tourism4ALL brochure ENG final

PUBLISHED ON 15/12/2021
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Tourism4All english brochure

Tourism4All english brochure

Tourism4All english brochure

PUBLISHED ON 15/12/2021
PDF (18.34 Mb)


What is TOURISM4ALL project all about?

Mr. Sorrentino Fatica, Project Manager of the Molise Region, will explain you .....

Tourism4all Project - Roberto Vitali - CEO – Village for all
Tourism4all Project - Tina Biluš - President of Tourist guide Association in Šibenik
Tourism4All - Visita esperienziale a Padova - Roberto Vitali – Ceo – Village for all
Emanuela Storani, Consuelo Agnesi - Tourism4all project, Ancona train the trainers
Debora Coradazzi, Elisabetta Schiavone - Tourism4all project, Ancona train the trainers
Tourism4all (Interreg Italy-Croatia), Ancona Train the trainers - Interview with Daniele Pomes
Tourism4all Project - Mr. Sorrentino Fatica - Project Manager of the Molise Region
Ante Galić, representative of Zadar Tourist Board

Online seminar Crossborder Challenges – Tourism4All (29th of September 2020) In the past few months, the whole world was struck by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic which left a huge and significant mark on the tourism industry. The goal of the seminar Crossborder Challenges – Tourism4All, organized by the City of Zadar, was to research and get knowledge of different ways in which various tourism sectors adapted to the new situation, what challenges they faced, what did they learn and what kind of future can we expect. Through presentations of experienced and recognized speakers, panel discussion and open dialog the idea was to get answers to listed questions, and offer ideas and solutions which will enable better functioning, adaptation and accessibility of tourism.

Josip Milković, representative of the Association for the Blind of Zadar County (1)

Online seminar Crossborder Challenges – Tourism4All

Josip Milković, representative of the Association for the Blind of Zadar County (2)

Online seminar Crossborder Challenges – Tourism4All

Rebeka V Pevec, director of Zadar International Port Operations (1)

Online seminar Crossborder Challenges – Tourism4All

Rebeka V Pevec, director of Zadar International Port Operations (2)

Online seminar Crossborder Challenges – Tourism4All

Ana First, sales director of Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa ladera

Online seminar Crossborder Challenges – Tourism4All

New accessible mobile homes - Croatian Camping Union
Tourism4all project - Accessible Tourism - Veneto Region

Thanks to T4A  Veneto Region has improved through equipment the accessibility of 8 beaches along the Venetian coast in Rosolina Mare, Sottomarina, Lido di Venezia, Jesolo, Caorle, Eraclea, Bibione, Cavallino.

Veneto Region - results of the interventions
2nd Crossborder Seminar

Experts, stakeholders and partners participating in the seminar bring a comprehensive insight into the accessible tourism market and the specifics of its promotional approach, in order to reach potential tourists from various market segments, with an emphasis on the accessible tourism market and the development of a transnational network of tourist services and destinations. The understanding of the needs of people with disabilities, as well as the definition of various promotional activities is especially important now, when world’s paradigms have changed in a significant manner, due to the pandemic which had a major impact on the tourism industry. During the seminar, panelists presented their own experiences, best practices and guidelines for the accessibility of tourist facilities, which will be useful for the start-up, development and fine-tuning of future activities in this field. The seminar should incentivize the exchange of experiences and encourage an open dialog among all participants, in order to propose some new ideas and solutions, which should give an additional boost to the development of accessible tourism.


Business event gathered project partners from Italy and Croatia and tour - operators with a focus on accessible tourism from several countries: Croatia, Italy, Germany, Poland and others.

Itinerari accessibili nel Parco del Delta del Po - TOURISM4ALL
Tourism4All Bedemi

As part of the Tourism4All project, the City of Zadar has set up signalization and interpretation on the medieval city walls of Zadar, thus improving one of the most recognizable and attractive tourist locations by encouraging social inclusion of individuals with disabilities (visually and physically impaired, elderly).



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