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VEGA system becomes operational

Published on 17/08/2021 (last modified 18/08/2021)

Vega, an adveniristic application developed by ADS MAM, begins. Objective, to improve the energy sustainability of maritime and multimodal transportation in the five ports of the southern Adriatic sea ports authority system.

The Southern Adriatic Sea Ports Authority System strengthens its action to protect the environment in its ports: the VEGA system becomes operational. 
The VEGA system was developed as part of the activities foreseen by the project "SUSPORT - SUStainable PORTs" financed by the Programme Interreg Italy-Croatia 2014-2020   with the aim of improving the energy sustainability of maritime and multimodal transport in the ports of Bari, Brindisi, Barletta, Monopoli and Manfredonia, through the development of joint action plans aimed at coordinating all the main actors involved in the maritime transport sector. 
As part of the project "SUSPORT", the phase nr. 2 of the project is also underway, aimed at acquiring new environmental monitoring devices to satisfy the needs of all the ports of SASPA.
The system, designed and developed to be completely configurable with respect to monitoring needs (which may differ in each port of application), provides advanced consultation dashboards, through which heterogeneous data can be interpolated, such as the impact factor of infrastructural works on the main environmental monitoring benchmarks. 
In fact, in addition to acquiring data from the main environmental monitoring devices, such as sound level meters, air quality control units, meteorological stations, multi-parametric probes, current meters, wave meters and tide gauge, it is able to manage and acquire data and information according to innovative paradigms such as the IoT (Internet of Things), allowing, through the use of integrated DSS (Decision Support System) functions, the effective programming of the movement of goods, the prevention of risks deriving from traffic congestion, the overall reduction the environmental impact resulting from the activities.
All this is made possible also thanks to the data exchange in real time with the PCS GAIA system, which has been operating for years in all ports of the network for port operations, transit and control of passengers and goods.
Furthermore, through a powerful Rule Chain function, it is possible to independently build a series of chains of events and actions related to the acquisition of field data. For example, if signs of overcoming of some alarm thresholds were received, the system itself would be able to autonomously send push notifications to the persons in charge of controls.
With the same logic application, the technological infrastructure is able to send commands to the integrated IoT devices.
"We have studied a system capable of exploiting the latest technologies to implement and optimize traffic, strongly limiting the environmental impact and safeguarding energy resources - comments the president of AdSP MAM Ugo Patroni Griffi. We are therefore taking another significant step forward in the virtuous path that we have undertaken, aimed at reusing the technological architecture of the institution, optimizing and making all the systems we have available to communicate with each other ". 
VEGA, in fact, has been integrated with the application of the Port Community System GAIA which today manage all information concerning the transport of people and goods, through the interoperability between the systems also managed by the other Bodies and shared by all the subjects belonging to the to the port communities of the system.
“Through the functions of VEGA and the next interventions that will make the physical port infrastructures“ intelligent ”- concludes Patroni Griff - our ports will be among the first in Italy able to manage and supply only the services that are necessary”.

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