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Venice places two ondametric buoys off its coast.

Published on 21/06/2022 (last modified 21/06/2022)

2 small buoys to reveal the secrets of the waves

The installation of the buoys at 3 km off the coast was carried out by the Tide and Forecast Centre of the City of Venice last June 16. The two buoys will be used to improve the forecast of the state of the sea. The yellow buoys, that will provide new real-time data on the tides are a concentration of technology, with built-in satellite navigator, powered by solar panels, connected to a probe that transmits the data collected and reveals the data of the waves. Wave data are crucial for making more accurate prediction of tidal level. They provide real-time surface wave height but also other parameters important for modelling.  In addition, the buoys, together with other existing  instruments will allow for more effective monitoring of extreme events. The data from the instruments will be made public in real time and available to all including seafarers and fishermen for a safer navigation.

The network of the buoys is part of the Venice pilot action and will be used to validate the outputs of the EWS that is being implemented with the STREAM project.