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Development of the hydrological-hydraulic analysis

Published on 15/06/2022 (last modified 21/06/2022)

Workshop in Metković

A workshop titled Development of the hydrological-hydraulic analysis with associated maps and a flood risk management plan was held on June 13,2022 in Metković, Dubrovnik-Neretva County. 
The aim of the workshop was to inform stakeholders of the results of flood risk analysis caused by heavy rainfall in the pilot area. Experts preented  the tools and measures that can contribute to improve the  risk management capacity  in the pilot area. 
In the last twenty years, the occurrence of heavy rainfall has been recognized as one of the key problems of water management, and the risks of floods caused by heavy rainfall are increasingly pronounced, partly due to inadequate rainwater drainage concepts as well as possible climate change impacts. The characteristic of heavy rainfall occurrences is its extremely local character and sudden occurrence, which makes it very difficult to forecast and establish an early warning system, as well as the fact that the time available for a reaction is very short. Therefore, the focus must be on strengthening resilience, and instead of taking a defensive stance, flood risk management must be properly developed.  A number of structural and non-structural measures are available, but their success depends on the specifics of each individual area.

The workshop was attended by representatives of cities and municipalities from the Neretva Valley, representatives of utility companies, Croatian Waters, Civil Protection Headquarters, Public Fire Brigades, Voluntary Fire Brigades, HGSS, and representatives of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, County Development Agency DUNEA, and other stakeholders.