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2nd Project and Steering Committee meeting

Published on 07/11/2019 (last modified 13/11/2019)


Dec 05, 2019 h.9.15


Dec 06, 2019 h.12.30


Institute for Tourism of Zagreb


Vrhovec 5 - Zagreb 10000, Hrvatska

On 5th and 6th of December 2019 at the Institute for Tourism of Zagreb will be held the 2nd Project and Steering Committee meeting about SLIDES

On 5th of December will be held four sessions about WP3 - Participatory Lab “Implementing the S.LI.DES. Smart Destination Ecosystem”: Session A - The Destination data hub (CISET / Institute for Tourism); Session B - The Visitors’ mobility model (CAST); Session C - Mapping tangible & intangible heritage/handicrafts/CCIs (ECIPA / Ca’ Foscari); Session D - Designing the destination dashboard (ECIPA). Then the speech about WP1 Project management and coordination of activities (Ca’ Foscari).

On the next day, instead,  there will be speeches about WP2 Communication activities (SIPRO), WP4 Pilot actions (DURA): "Designing the pilot actions: first ideas from Bari / Dubrovnik / Ferrara / Šibenik / Venezia" and WP5 The S.LI.DES. strategy (City of Venezia). Finally the steering committee with the request for major changes, the rescheduling of activities’ date, the decommitment and the next project meeting.

Here the complete programme of the meeting

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