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Conference: "Drought and crisis a look to the future"

Published on 13/01/2023 (last modified 16/01/2023)

Drought and crisis: a look to the future – 27/10/2022

ANBI Veneto, the Land Reclamation Authorities “Delta del Po’” and “Adige Po'” organized a conference on the theme: "Drought and crisis: a look to the future". The conference took place at the “Ca' Vendramin” Regional Museum of Reclamation (Taglio di Po, RO). In addition to the organizing bodies, some representatives of local institutions interested in the subject participated as speakers at the conference. Given the relevance of the SeCure project activities to the theme of the conference, the LP – University of Padua, with the collaboration of the Veneto Region and the CNR, proposed to the organizers of the event the preparation of an Information Point on the SeCure project. The initiative was welcomed with great interest.

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