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Lesson learned from crisis

Published on 06/05/2020 (last modified 06/05/2020)

Health emergency puts in the background the climate change issue, but at the same time gives hints to cope with it

Compared to the climate change problem, stricter measures have been taken to contain the pandemic emergency. One of the consequence of this is the worst economic crisis since World War II and many experts believe that this economic breakdown will put other issues in the background: this could be fatal to  the climate change crisis. But, if the climate crisis is not contained, it will have a much worst course than the Covid-19 crisis.
However, we can learn from this experience, since the coronavirus and climate crisis have parallels. One of them is the need to ACT QUICKLY to introduce the essential measures - no matter how restrictive they seem; if this happens too late, the situation could become extremely dangerous and almost impossible to contain.
In addition, in both crises there are POINTS OF NO RETURN that can be reached if there is no action for mitigation. Unlike the temporary health emergency, the aftermath of the climate change will last for centuries.
In the fight against climate change, restrictive measures would be much less drastic since there are already pheasible solutions to many problems. It’s up to us and to our governments to put them in place: let’s be reSEAlient!