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Strategies to adapt to climate change
in Adriatic regions






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2.1: Improve the climate change monitoring and planning of adaptation measures tackling specific effects, in the cooperation area




Local, regional, national public authorities and related entities

General public


The project aims at empowering local policy-makers to enable climate-smart governance approaches and promote sustainable living in Adriatic marine and coastal areas. RESPONSe will provide the tools to foster effective policy-making on climate adaptation at local level and support strategic decision-making on how best to address the effects of climate change on the coastal areas of the Adriatic basin. Building on the development of tailored climate services tackling vulnerabilities of the Adriatic region, RESPONSe will promote the engagement of local policy-makers and help mainstreaming adaptation planning into policy frameworks. 

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Gorizia - Italy


Informest has a 20-year experience in the coordination and management of national, transnational and cross-border cooperation projects on capacity building, strategic economic local development, awareness-raising campaigns and communication on EU-related initiatives. Main fields of action are: transport, social, environment, health, energy efficiency and tourism. It has participated in more than 200 national and EU-funded projects and can count on a network of more than 900 contacts at EU level.

Contact person: Lia Gover

E-mail: lia.gover@informest.it


Energy Management Agency of Friuli Venezia Giulia


APE FVG is a technical organization with operational capacity in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy systems and energy planning. It provides guidance on EU policy and promotes the uptake of EU strategies locally. Main competences are: engagement of stakeholders in sustainable energy projects, dissemination of best-practices, increase of energy knowledge, empowerment of policymaking processes. It supports the fight against climate change by setting targets for GHG reduction.

Contact person: Matteo Mazzolini

E-mail: matteo.mazzolini@ape.fvg.it


Regional Agency for Environmental Protection and Prevention of Veneto


ARPAV is the Environmental Protection Agency of the Veneto Region. The ARPAV Weather Service (AWS) is a branch of the Agency which provides specific weather forecasting services, weather information and radar-meteorology data elaborations for the area of Veneto Region. Moreover, the AWS is the structure responsible for the measurement, validation, storage and publication of weather and climate data across Veneto Region.

Contact person: Francesco Rech

E-mail: francesco.rech@arpa.veneto.it


Polytechnic University of Marche


UNIVPM is active within the EU Interreg programs fostering joint actions and policy exchanges among actors from the Adriatic area to promote economic, social and territorial development. UNIVPM participates in over 50 highly competitive European research projects (FP7, H2020) promoting and sustaining research, international collaboration and mobility. Its multidisciplinary team of experts work to create successful collaborative research and effective interactions with industry and society.

Contact person: Eleonora Gioia

E-mail: e.gioia@staff.univpm.it



Apulia Region


The main duties of Regione Puglia - Dipartimento Mobilità, Qualità Urbana, Opere Pubbliche, Ecologia e Paesaggio (Department of Mobility, Urban Quality, Public Works, Ecology and Landscape) are the protection and valorization of environment and landscape; urban, spatial and infrastucture planning; management of transport systems and infrastructures; promotion of sustainable mobility; planning and execution of public works; management and prevention of industrial risks; waste management.

Contact person: Adriana Maria Lotito

E-mail: am.lotito@regione.puglia.it


Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar


The scope of activities of the EIHP’s Department for RES, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection includes research of RES potential, energy efficiency and climate change mitigation, environmental impact assessment of power plants, economic and financial analyses, development of appropriate legislative environment and implementation of EU funded projects. Special attention is given to promotion and education in the related areas.

Contact person: Ilja Drmač

E-mail: idrmac@eihp.hr



Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ)


DHMZ is a national centre of excellence for the production, collection and dissemination of high-quality meteorological and hydrological data and forecasts. The basic tasks are stipulated by the Law on meteorological and hydrological activities in Croatia: to provide support to economic development, environment protection, to act towards the preservation of life and material goods from natural hazards and disasters and to mitigate their consequences.

Contact person: Ivan Güttler

E-mail: ivan.guettler@cirus.dhz.hr


Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (IOF)


The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries is the main platform for carrying national and international scientific projects in the field of oceanography and fisheries. In 2012 IOF became National Reference Center for the Sea. With around 130 employees and valuable modern equipment it is wholly competitive to provide not only scientific research activities but also to offer professional, educational and counselling activities to the private sector and public decision-making institutions.

Contact person: Tomislav Džoić

E-mail: dzoic@izor.hr


Asset Publisher

Asset Publisher



EN - Newsletter 1 September 2019 - English

PUBLISHED ON 23/09/2019
PDF (1.22 Mb)

HR - Newsletter 1 September 2019 - Croatian

PUBLISHED ON 23/09/2019
PDF (1.22 Mb)

IT - Newsletter 1 September 2019 - Italian

PUBLISHED ON 23/09/2019
PDF (1.22 Mb)

EN - Newsletter 2 December 2020 - English

PUBLISHED ON 01/12/2020
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HR - Newsletter 2 December 2020 - Croatian

PUBLISHED ON 01/12/2020
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IT - Newsletter 2 December 2020 - Italian

PUBLISHED ON 02/12/2020
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EN - Newsletter 3 July 2021 - English

PUBLISHED ON 14/07/2021
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HR - Newsletter 3 July 2021 - Croatian

PUBLISHED ON 14/07/2021
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IT - Newsletter 3 July 2021 - Italian

PUBLISHED ON 15/07/2021
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EN - Newsletter 4 December 2021 - English

PUBLISHED ON 11/02/2022
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HR - Newsletter 4 December 2021 - Croatian

PUBLISHED ON 21/02/2022
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IT - Newsletter 4 December 2021 - Italian

PUBLISHED ON 11/02/2022
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Activities WP 5 - Mainstreaming adaptation planning into local policy frameworks

Deliverables WP 5

Deliverable 5.3 SECAP Lignano Sabbiadoro

PUBLISHED ON 09/03/2022
PDF (4.41 Mb)

Deliverable 5.3 SECAP Montemarciano

PUBLISHED ON 09/03/2022
PDF (6.44 Mb)

Deliverable 5.3 SECAP Brindisi

PUBLISHED ON 09/03/2022
PDF (4.22 Mb)

Deliverable 5.3 SECAP Cres

PUBLISHED ON 09/03/2022
PDF (0 Mb)

Deliverable 5.3 SECAP Šibenik

PUBLISHED ON 09/03/2022
PDF (6.44 Mb)

Deliverable 5.3 SECAP Ploče

PUBLISHED ON 09/03/2022
PDF (4.26 Mb)

Deliverable 5.4.1 Monitoring and evaluation methods for adaptation measures assessment

PUBLISHED ON 12/07/2022
PDF (0.53 Mb)
Activities WP 3 - Harmonization of the climate change analysis and monitoring systems

Deliverables WP 3

Deliverable 3.1 Climate change assessment: observational base study

PUBLISHED ON 17/02/2021
PDF (8.6 Mb)

Deliverable 3.2.1 Climate change projections assessment: analysis of regional climate models' simulations

PUBLISHED ON 17/02/2021
PDF (3.61 Mb)

Deliverable 3.2.3 Climate change projections assessment: bias-correction of regionale climate moldels' simulation

PUBLISHED ON 17/02/2021
PDF (3.89 Mb)

Deliverable 3.2.2 Time series RCMs extracted for the project target regions and locations

PUBLISHED ON 17/02/2021
PDF (0.5 Mb)

Deliverable 3.2.4 Time series of bias adjusted RCMs' simulations extracted for the project target regions and locations

PUBLISHED ON 17/02/2021
PDF (0.54 Mb)

Deliverable 3.3.1 Report on the existing and future data exchange mechanisms over the Adriatic region

PUBLISHED ON 13/07/2022
PDF (4.86 Mb)

Deliverable 3.3.2 Inclusion of the new observational weather and climate stations into regional and national networks

PUBLISHED ON 11/07/2022
PDF (23.43 Mb)

Deliverable 3.3.3 Report on the existing oceanographic data and improving frequency of measurement

PUBLISHED ON 21/07/2022 New
PDF (1.22 Mb)

Deliverable 3.3.4 Proposal for improving the existing ocean stations network

PUBLISHED ON 21/07/2022 New
PDF (0.91 Mb)
Activities WP 4 - Adriatic region adaptation menu

Deliverables WP 4

Deliverable 4.1 State-of-the-art actions for climate change mitigation and adapation in the Adriatic basin

PUBLISHED ON 15/04/2021
PDF (2.68 Mb)

Deliverable 4.2 Engagement of Public Authorities and development of Adriatic Adaptation strategies

PUBLISHED ON 16/04/2021
PDF (21.7 Mb)

Deliverable 4.3 Climate adaptation menu

PUBLISHED ON 01/07/2021
PDF (10.2 Mb)

Climate Menu for Adriatic Regions: on line tool

Communication Activities

Deliverables WP 2

D2.2.6 Promotional materials 

PUBLISHED ON 09/11/2021
PDF (0.66 Mb)

D2.2.4 Project video

D2.2.3 Publication on relevant EU magazines, printed or digital /1

PUBLISHED ON 09/11/2021
PDF (2.75 Mb)

D2.2.3 Publication on relevant EU magazines, printed or digital /2

PUBLISHED ON 25/03/2022
PDF (2.18 Mb)

D2.2.3 Publication on relevant EU magazines, printed or digital /3



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