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Sealogy, 20/21/22 November 2020

Published on 21/02/2020 (last modified 02/07/2020)


Nov 20, 2020 h.


Nov 22, 2020 h.


Ferrara, Italy

Prizefish will be presented in the first European event dedicated to the Blue Economy 

The Prizefish project partner, High School Remo Brindisi will be in charge of presenting Prizefish at a stand in the Sealogy fair of Ferrara. Students studying to become owners of the title "operators of the sea" will participate in the presentation, following a conference on European vocational education in aquaculture 2020. The project partners are also working on the realization of cooking shows as part of the Remo Brindisi participation at the fair, specifically the students of hotel management and catering. In this way, a wide audience will be introduced to goals and ideas of Prizefish.