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Bilateral meetings with local fishermen

Published on 27/10/2020 (last modified 14/04/2021)

Bilateral meetings with local fishermen (SME) as training on the sustainability work of small artisanal fishing, best practices for squilla mantis, wild mussels and cuttlefishes were held in CESTHA's headquarter, which is on the port, outside. 

The bilateral meetings focused on training on cuttlefish fishing, with a particular focus on experimenting with the new rigid cages and showing them how the application of these tools can have less impact in particular on the eggs, as they cannot collapse on themselves and thus keeping the eggs intact. Another object of the training was the squilla mantis fishing and the experimentation of the cages with the "hole", which allows the smaller specimens or the by-catch species to escape, thus becoming a particularly selective and sustainable tool. Mussels collectors, instead, are following a support path that will lead to the creation of an identity label for their product, the wild mussel. Meetings were held from July till October 2020 on following dates: 20/07/2020, 11/08/2020, 25/09/2020, 11/08/2020, 09/10/2020, 19/10/2020 and 27/10/2020.