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From the sea to the dish II

Published on 18/12/2020 (last modified 15/04/2021)


Dec 18, 2020 h.

The event “From the Sea to the Dish II” was held in the secondary school Remo Brindisi.

Part I "From the Sea to the Dish II" was held on 1st December. The main topics were mussels and custaceans from the Upper Adriatic Sea, fishing technics, nutritional features, quality branding and innovative recipes. 


The main topic of second part of the event was the same as in part one. Moreover, the round table and and food tasting of typical products were organized. Every branch of IIS Remo Brindisi worked on the realization of a tasting presentation of crustaceans. In particular they focused on squids, crabs, mussels, clams, oysters. Every one of those elements were studied from different points of view: economically, food processing, wine pairing and sea tourism.


The experts Simone Libralato (OGS) and Simone D’Acunto (CESTHA) presented lessons to students of the sea craft pole. The three main topics were Fishing Effort and fishing resources management, Environment Quality, Squid fishing in a sustainable way using low environmental impact technologies, Quality Brands.