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Prizefish WEBINAR

Published on 28/10/2021 (last modified 28/10/2021)


Nov 03, 2021 h.4 pm


Benedetta Lapilli

Consumer preferences and business models for the commercial exploitation of eco-innovative seafood products

The webinar presents the results of the PRIZEFISH project, funded by the Interreg Italy-Croatia program, with regards to the development of market opportunities by fishing firms in the Adriatic. The research carried out has, in fact made it possible to improve the knowledge of consumer orientation for fish products in general, as well as for the three eco-innovative products designed and manufactured by the project partners: sardine fillets, clams and burgers with shrimps and mullets ready-to-cook with an extended shelf-life. In addition, strategic guidelines and organizational solutions will be proposed that are useful for fishery firms to seize the opportunities offered by the demand for products with attributes linked to origin, sustainability and ease of use. Finally, some case histories and a pilot action currently underway for the enhancement of fish products through e-commerce tools will be presented.

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