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Consultation meeting with relevant fishing operators

During February, Prizefish project partner Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche - CNR organised the consultation meetings with the relevant fishing operators in both the Italian and the Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea.

In particular, the following five meetings took place:

  1. 5th February, Caorle: the meeting involved OP Bivalvia and focused on striped venus clam fisheries and on the razor clams fisheries;

  2. 6th February, Marina di Ravenna: the meeting with Cestha, CIRSA-UNIBO and Cooperativa La Romagnola focused on Wild mussels, cuttlefish fisheries by pots and spottail mantis shrimp fisheries with small pots;

  3. 25th February: the meeting with Istra in Poreč focused on common sole fished with trammel net, deep water rose shrimp by otter trawl and musky octopus by beam trawl and otter trawl;

  4. 26th February: the meeting with Omega 3 and Zadar County in Benkovac focused on small pelagics (sardine and anchovy) caught with purse seine;

  5. 28th February: the meeting in Ancona with Co.Pe.Mo and ASSAM Marche focused on striped venus fisheries.

The aim of the consultation meetings was, primarily, to discuss with the PPs and fishing operators involved the results of the first mapping of the Italian and Croatian fisheries in order to understand which are the fishing operators potentially interested in entering a certification process ad hoc implemented for the Adriatic fisheries.