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3rd Prizefish Project Meeting

Published on 17/04/2020 (last modified 14/07/2020)


Apr 22, 2020 h.


Apr 23, 2020 h.

A Web Meeting

Due to the new Coronavirus situation, Prizefish partners will not be able to meet in person for the 3rd Project Meeting. However, the meeting will still take place, only by remote. The session will be organized as a web conference over the 22nd and 23rd April. This way the main points and issues of the project will be discussed fruitfully despite of the new circumstances.
The Corona crisis surprised all of us and had certain meetings and events cancelled, but Prizefish partners managed to find adequate alternative solutions for project activities and succeeded in keeping the project going. Future adaption to the context of limited mobility will be discussed in the meeting as all the partners strive to remain on top of the situation.