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Students interview the PMO-GATE experts

Published on 28/06/2022 (last modified 29/06/2022)


The students of the IIS Copernico Carpeggiani of Ferrara,
Chiara Faccini, Maurizio Boni, Matteo Cappelletto, Fabio Cavazzini, Nicolas Donnarumma, Andreas Fabbri, Matteo Lopomo, Nicola Rossoni and Iulius Selea, interviewed the PMO-GATE experts to deepen the knowledge of natural risks of the Ferrara area.

The interviews are in Italian and they are available:
- on the page: Multimedia;
- on the PMO-GATE YouTube channel:
Risk and Multirisk_interview with Elena Benvenuti (University of Ferrara):

Knowing the subsoil to mitigate the seismic risk_ interview with Federico Da Col (OGS):

Tsunamis and Meteotsunamis in the Adriatic Sea_interview with Alessandra Maramai (INGV):

The Civil Protection_ interview with Gabriele Cresi (Civil Protection of Ferrara):

Thanks to all Copernico-Carpeggiani students for their excellent work and thanks to Prof. Laura Sensi to the supervision.