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Sustainable & smart services in the Port of Rovinj

Published on 12/07/2022 (last modified 12/07/2022)

Rovinj Port Authority invested in sustainable and smart devices to offer new and improved services to its passengers: emission measuring device, smart bench, e-bikes and charging station.

In the port of Valdibora (Rovinj, Croatia), a device was installed to measure emissions from ships during their stay in the port. Based on the obtained data, a study will be drafted and show results about passengers’ ecological footprint. The data is collected for 2021 and 2022 and is available on Rovinj Port Authority website


With the aim of promoting maritime transport, the Port Authority of Rovinj also installed a smart bench, which, in addition to being intended for sitting and resting, enables wireless or USB charging of mobile phones and other devices, free connection to the Internet and its own lighting. The energy is collected using solar panels. The bench has a built-in LED screen with information and notifications.


With the aim of improving services for passengers during their stay in the port and promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly transport, a charging station for electric bicycles and 4 e-bikes were installed in the port of Valdibora. This is to promote the use of bicycles and reduce the use of other means of transport that can negatively affect the environment.


All of the activities were presented to the public during an open event in the San Pelagio comunal port and to students during their study visit to the port.

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