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Apply to open Call for chapters until February 21st

Published on 01/02/2022 (last modified 10/02/2022)

Ca'Foscari University of Venice (IT) and University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies (CRO) launched a Call for chapters, to be published in an open access book.

Call for Chapters, titled Priorities for the Sustainability of Maritime and Coastal Passenger Mobility & Transport, was launched by two MIMOSA partners, where they invite scholars and practitioners to submit their research on the general subject focusing on:

  • The state-of-the-art on cross border maritime passenger transport policy
  • Indicators of sustainability and accessibility in maritime and coastal passenger transport
  • Strategies and technologies for ports and vessels sustainability improvement
  • The impact of maritime cross border transport on economic growth and cohesion
  • Best practices in maritime and coastal transport planning and management
  • People attitude and behaviour towards maritime travels
  • Trends and scenarios on cross-border maritime transports.

Accepted chapters will be included in a book published by Edizioni Ca’ Foscari. The book will be available both printed and online (open access).
The Call is online in Italian and English.
The Call in PDF.

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