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Maritime and multimodal sustainable passenger transport solutions and services






€ 7.14 million


4.1 Improve the quality, safety and environmental sustainability of marine and coastal transport services and nodes by promoting multimodality in the Programme area




  • General public
  • Local, regional and national public authorities
  • Enterprises, transport operators, including operators of multimodal logistics hubs, infrastructure providers 
  • Transport associations

MIMOSA is focused on changing a low level of cross-border connectivity by developing visible outputs, ranging from multimodal solutions to innovative and smart tools and technologies. It tackles the common challenge of increasing multimodality and reducing the impact of transport on the environment.


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CEI is a regional intergovernmental forum committed to supporting European integration and sustainable development through cooperation among its Member States and with the EU, international and regional organizations, other public or private institutions and non-governmental organizations. While acting as a platform for political dialogue, the CEI has developed a strong operational, result-oriented approach to regional cooperation. It combines multilateral diplomacy and project management.

​​​​​​Contact person: Paolo Dileno
E-mail: dileno@cei.int




FVG Region plans and finances regional and local passenger public transport systems (by road, rail and sea). It has competence and experience in activities related to international maritime passenger transport services, sustainable mobility and intermodal transport services. Alongside 6 main divisions, a special unit is supporting the participation in ETC projects of the technical divisions, dealing with managerial aspects (administrative and financial issues) related to EU co-financed projects.

​​​​​​Contact person: Massimiliano Angelotti
E-mail: massimiliano.angelotti@regione.fvg.it




ITL is a non-profit body founded in 2003. Its purpose is to contribute to the development and promotion of logistics and transport systems in the Emilia-Romagna Region, through research, consultancy and training. ITLs strategy is to trigger networking among public authorities (Emilia-Romagna Region, provinces and municipalities, Ravenna port and affiliated authorities), private companies (logistics providers, manufacturing companies, transport operators) and education institutions.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Giuseppe Lupino
E-mail: giuseppe.luppino@regione.emilia-romagna.it




The Service of Territorial Cooperation IPA of the Abruzzo Region is highly qualified in managing and implementing EU projects. For several years, until March 2018, the Abruzzo Region had covered the role of Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme, the most relevant ETC Programme involving 8 countries and with over 108 projects financed. The Region’s Transport Department will provide scientific and technical support for the purpose of carrying out the actions envisaged by MIMOSA.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Federica Ferrauto
E-mail: federica.ferrauto@adriaticipacbc.org




Apulia Region implements regional policies in mobility, urban quality, public works, ecology and landscape. Within the Region, a specific working group "European Projects and Programme" exists. Within ROP ERDF PUGLIA 2014-2020, the Region manages two priority axes more concerned with the promotion of sustainable mobility: "Sustainable energy and life quality" and "Transport systems and network infrastructure". Also, the Region has consolidated relationships with all relevant stakeholders.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Raffaele Sforza
E-mail: r.sforza@regione.puglia.it




Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds is central state administration body founded for ensuring a quality public policy for the improvement of working and living conditions in all parts of the Republic of Croatia, especially in less developed areas and areas with development specifics such as island area. Department for Islands implements island development policy within the smart and sustainable islands development model.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Veljko Radić
E-mail: veljko.radic@mrrfeu.hr




Regional Development agency of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County was founded in 2018 by the County, with the purpose of coordinating and promoting sustainable and balanced regional development, as well as attracting potential investors in key sectors typical for the development of this area. The agency represents regional support center, through advisory and expert assistance in the preparation and implementation of projects, being of local, regional or national importance.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Vedran Kružić
E-mail: vedran.kruzic@prigoda.hr




SPA is a non-profit legal person whose establishing, organization and activities are regulated by Maritime Domain and Seaports Act. Its main activities are building maintenance, maritime domain management, protection and upgrade, ensuring permanent and undisturbed port traffic, technical and technological integrity and navigation safety, ensuring provision of services of general interest, operation coordination and supervision of concessionaires performing economic activity in port area.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Joško Berket Bakota
E-mail: jberket@portsplit.hr




The Rovinj Port Authority is a non-profit organization founded by the Istria County in 1998. It was established for managing, constructing and maintaining the Rovinj port area. The Rovinj Port Authority has many years of experience in project management in the field of construction and maintenance of port infrastructure. Rovinj port is a passenger port, known for its international connections with Italy and Slovenia and port of call for cruise ships and mega yachts.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Sara Carić
E-mail: sara@port-rovinj.hr




Public institution development agency of Lika-Senj County – LIRA, as a partner in MIMOSA project, is working on increasing the accessibility of high-quality health and social services in the County’s Centre in Gospić, for the users in the rest of the County, by improving traffic modalities. Therefore, a mobile app will be developed based on the Traffic model that can be used in other Italian and/or Croatian rural, sparsely populated areas to mitigate the accessibility issues.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Martina Šuper Štampar
E-mail: martina.super@lsz-lira.hr




ZadarPA manages and improves seaports and maritime activities, as well as manages, maintains and utilizes the ports in the Zadar County area. This area covers 8 ports of regional and 106 ports of local importance. It implemented two large projects, co-financed by the EU: construction of Tkon ferry port and upgrade of the Sali port on Dugi otok (Long Island). In MIMOSA, the Port Authority will develop a Management Application, comprising all relevant data on local/regional ports and berths.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Branka Batur
E-mail: branka.batur@cpa-zadar.hr




HŽPP is Croatian railway passenger operator. Its primary activity is the ensure public transport of passengers on national and international railway routes. Specifically, this involves (1) interconnecting regional centers and local communities within the Croatian territory, (2) mass transport of passengers in urban and suburban areas of major cities, (3) seasonal connections between the continent and coastal regions, and (4) connecting Croatia with the capitals of the surrounding countries.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Renato Humić
E-mail: renato.humic@hzpp.hr



The Faculty of Maritime Studies is the oldest and the most significant higher education, scientific and research institution in the area of Maritime Studies in Croatia. The most important goal and task of the Faculty is to establish and develop suitable study programs, as well as to perform scientific research in the multidisciplinary area of Maritime Studies. Faculty continuously develops its cooperation with the national economy and actively participates in the development of maritime economy.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Srđan Žuškin
E-mail: szuskin@pfri.hr





Central Adriatic Ports Authority (ADSPMAC) has competence over 6 ports: Pesaro, Ancona-Falconara, San Benedetto del Tronto in Marche Region, Ortona and Pescara in Abruzzo Region. Ancona, core node of the Scan Med corridor, is the main port of the Italian central Adriatic coast (1,15 million passengers in 2019) and the only Italian port with all year-round ferry connection to Croatia (Ancona-Split line). Further services are available in peak season, also from the port of Pesaro.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Guido Vettorel
E-mail: vettorel@porto.ancona.it




Port of Šibenik Authority is an institution that manages Šibenik port. It was founded by the Croatian Government Resolution to govern, construct and use the Port of Šibenik, open for international public transport, and proclaimed for its size and importance as the port of special international and economic interest for the Republic of Croatia. Apart from the cargo port, it is known as one of the Adriatic passengers and cruise ports.

Contact person: Gordana Mrčela
E-mail:​​​​​​​ info@portauthority-sibenik.hr



DNR is the most southern region of Croatia consisting of 5 cities and 17 municipalities with regional center – Dubrovnik, divided into coastal area with islands and river Neretva area. It borders Bosnia and Herzegovina. DNR is known for its history and cultural heritage, especially Old Town of Dubrovnik and Ston Walls. The coastline varies from bays with sandy beaches to steep shoreline with cliffs, which makes this Region one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Ivo Klaić
E-mail: ivo.klaic@dnz.hr





The Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd., from its establishment in 1999, plays a crucial role in the development of the Region of Istria. IDA was established as an operational body entrusted with the implementation of development projects and Region of Istria programmes. The guiding principle of IDA’s founders – the Region of Istria and its ten towns – was to develop and implement measures for stimulating entrepreneurship, in order to increase the competitiveness of the Region of Istria.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Bojana Bojanić
E-mail: bojana.bojanic@ida.hr​​​​​​​



The Department of Management, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, provides scientific knowledge and skills for the management of companies of any size, type and field of activity. Classroom study is integrated with counseling and tutorials focusing upon development of entrepreneurship and leadership for new enterprises. The Dept. of Management actively works to promote and value the development of research into commercial products or services.

​​​​​​​Contact person: Andrea Stocchetti
E-mail: stocket@unive.it

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MIMOSA newsletter 5 in English

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MIMOSA newsletter 5 in Italian

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MIMOSA newsletter 5 in Croatian

PUBLISHED ON 16/12/2022
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Quantitative analysis of the existing demand

PUBLISHED ON 04/02/2022
PDF (0.96 Mb)

Segmentation analysis

PUBLISHED ON 02/07/2021
PDF (1.42 Mb)

Behavioural analysis

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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Development scenarios

PUBLISHED ON 26/01/2022
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Methodology for elaborating awareness and sensitization programs at regional and cross-border level

PUBLISHED ON 26/01/2022
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Passenger transport demand analysis

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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User survey about habits

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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Analysis to assess carbon footprint of passengers' choices

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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Knowledge data repositories on public transport services

Cross-border transport sustainability action plan

PUBLISHED ON 16/11/2021
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Cost effectiveness analysis of the present intermodal maritime transport solutions within the MIMOSA project

PUBLISHED ON 04/02/2022
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Analysis: market potential on Buzet-Pula railway route

PUBLISHED ON 02/07/2021
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Analysis: market potential on Rijeka-Šapjane railway route

PUBLISHED ON 02/07/2021
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Analysis of nautical tourism ports in Dubrovnik-Neretva County

PUBLISHED ON 02/07/2021
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Transport demand analysis and interactive tool for data visualization and reporting in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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Analysis and modelling in Lika-Senj County

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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Smart card development in Istria Region

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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Via Istra pilot

PUBLISHED ON 27/07/2022
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Methodology for elaborating a cross-border planning model

PUBLISHED ON 27/07/2022
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Analysis of new sustainable mobility solutions

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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Study on the requirements for meeting the safety standard for passenger and luggage inspection in the Port of Split

PUBLISHED ON 26/01/2022
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Smart waiting rooms for passengers in Šibenik

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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Set of devices for info-mobility in Šibenik

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
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Set of devices for digital information in Rovinj Port

PUBLISHED ON 27/07/2022
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Aqua lifters in Dubrovnik-Neretva County

PUBLISHED ON 28/07/2022
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Operational plan for cyclotourism development in Dubrovnik-Neretva County

PUBLISHED ON 26/01/2022
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E-bikes and parking in Rovinj Port

PUBLISHED ON 27/07/2022
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Set of solutions for upgrading bike lanes in Dubrovnik-Neretva County

PUBLISHED ON 28/07/2022
PDF (6.27 Mb)

Methodology for setting up a permanent cross-border Network

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2022
PDF (0.38 Mb)



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