Project MARLESS: Invitation to event “The Mediterranean: why we need a macroregional strategy” - Project MARLESS: Invitation to event “The Mediterranean: why we need a macroregional strategy” - MARLESS


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Project MARLESS: Invitation to event “The Mediterranean: why we need a macroregional strategy”

Published on 23/09/2022 (last modified 23/09/2022)


Sep 23, 2022 h.

We are pleased to inform you that on Thursday, 13 October 2022. from 11:00 to 12:30 CET, the Dubrovnik Neretva Region organises the event “The Mediterranean: why we need a macroregional strategy”. The workshop is organized as side event in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities which is going to take place in the building of the European Committee of the Regions in Rue Belliard 101, Brussels (Conference room JDE 63).

The event will follow the plenary session of the Committee of the Regions, that will vote on 11 October the opinion “Towards a macro-regional strategy in the Mediterranean“. The CoR opinion has been prepared by the AIE President Mr. Nikola Dobroslavić as rapporteur and full member of the CoR. The agenda of the workshop features CoR Members, Members of the European Parliament, European Commission’s officials and regional representatives. More information and updated agenda will be coming soon at this link.

This event fits perfectly into project MARLESS ACT 5.2 Advocacy actions in EU institutions. As part of this activity, Regional agency DUNEA is organizing a study trip for 24 participants from Dubrovnik Neretva Region, representatives from county relevant institutions and municipality and city representatives, that will be able to participate the above-mentioned conference. As we all know very well, today's seas are threatened by various human activities, and the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most endangered and polluted seas in the world. The Mediterranean Sea is the basis connecting people of the Mediterranean, thus the issue of preserving the marine environment is inseparable from the issues of the Mediterranean, and marine litter, along with climate change, non-indigenous species, overfishing, etc., is one of the most important, if not the biggest, environmental problem of the area.

These problems are known and visible, but the implementation of solutions is still missing. Protection and sustainable use of the Mediterranean Sea is not possible without strategically planned research projects and monitoring programs with strong collaboration between Mediterranean countries and the implementation of obtained results and recommendations. One of the examples of projects that could contribute to above mentioned is for sure project MARLESS, with its goal to act as an environmental synergic action and to obtain visible results that will be available for application in future legislation and management practices. That is why MARLESS project will be supported by our Prefect Mr. Nikola Dobroslavić during the above-mentioned conference.

Meantime, I am pleased to forward you the invitation that you may find here attached. Please make sure to register by using the following link both for on-line and on-site participation.

We look forward to hosting you both in Brussels and on-line.