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MARLESS; Finalization of training cycle for concessionaires of beaches

Published on 16/07/2021 (last modified 20/07/2021)

Work package 4 - Awareness raising and governance; Sensitising the touristic sector

Activity aims to sensitise the touristic sector by actively involving concessionaires of beaches (e.g. hotel companies) in the marine litter assessment and by applying preservation measures proposed according data analysis results deriving from WP3 Monitoring activities.

Beaches under concession are cleaned daily which is allowing a considerable amount of data concerning quantity and composition of marine litter to be collected.

Project partners involved in this activity; ARPA Veneto, Region of Veneto (activities in the territory of Region of Veneto), Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (activities in the territory Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia), Region of Emilia-Romagna, Cetacea Foundation (activities in the territory Region of Emilia-Romagna), IRENA – Istrian Regional Energy Agency,  Institute Ruđer Boškovič (activities in Istrian County) and the Region of Puglia (activities in Region of Puglia) showed the great satisfaction with the conclusion of the training cycles with  concessionaires of beaches who have joined the MARLESS project.  Concessionaires were trained  in collection of ML according methodology prescribed by the project. Monitoring of ML will be done under PPs surveillance in each region on at two or more beaches. The simplified monitoring will start on 15th July 2021.  at the same time in all the beaches participating in the project.

Assessment on the quantity and composition of marine litter will be done. According data analysis, active measures in touristic sector for the conservation of the marine environment will be proposed with the support of the Technical Group that will manage WP3.


The establishments participating in the project are:

Region of Veneto:

  • Marina di Venezia, comune di Cavallino Treporti;
  • Consorzio Arenili Marina di Caorle; 
  • Unionmare Veneto, comune di Chioggia 

Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia:

  • Castelreggi baia di Sistiana in comune di Duino Aurisina
  • Camping Sabbiadoro -  Lignano
  • Doggy Beach - Lignano
  • Camping Punta Spin - Grado
  • Camping Europa - Grado
  • GIT (Grado Impianti Turistici S.P.A.) - Grado
  • Stabilimento Tivoli - Grado

Region of Emilia-Romagna:

  • Bagni 149 di Miramare di Rimini
  • Bagni Baia di Pesaro

Istrian County:

  • VALAMAR hotels – beach in Rabac, Girandella beach
  • MAISTRA hotels – beach in Rovinj, Amorin beach
  • PLAVA LAGUNA hotels – two beaches, one in Poreč and one in Umag
  • ARENA GROUP hotels –beach in Pula (TBD)

Region of Puglia:

  • Le sirene eco resort-caroli hotel Gallipoli (Le)
  • Soleluna lido San Cataldo (Le)
  • Maldive del Salento 2 Salve (Le)