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Project MARLESS: Clean-up actions with Eco-schools - Rabac

Published on 12/05/2022 (last modified 25/05/2022)

After the eco-actions of cleaning the beaches on the Vižula peninsula and Fratarski otok, IRENA - Istrian Regional Energy Agency continued to organize actions with eco-schools.

The last action was held on May 9, 2022 in Rabac, together with the sixth grade students of the Matija Vlačić Elementary School from Labin. The students were deployed in two corridors and after a short acquaintance with the goals of the action and demonstration sorting exercises, they started a short action of cleaning the beach. The aim of the action was to show students that unfortunately, although it seems to us that the beaches in tourist centers are very clean, a detailed examination can find different types of smaller pieces of waste. The action took place in such a way that the collected waste was immediately disposed of in colorful bags intended for plastic, metal, paper and other waste. After the collection, students conducted a detailed review where they weighed the collected waste by different categories and counted the collected items in order to determine the origin of waste, ie whether it was generated locally or arrived by sea currents. The largest share of waste was related to items made of various types of plastic, and among other things, a large amount of cigarette butts, ear sticks, pieces of styrofoam, broken bags, fishing equipment and many other items were found. In particular, a very large amount of cigarette butts was recorded throughout the beach, which indicates the irresponsible behavior of beach visitors. The clean-up action, in addition to the benefits of cleaning the coastal area, aimed to show the students involved and the general public how much waste can really be found on our coast and further raise awareness of this global problem. In addition to participating in trainings and cleaning actions, eco-schools also joined the project's promotional campaign. For this purpose, students will make various works of art, sculptures, jewelry, reusable bags, slogans, videos, songs and various other works on the topic of marine litter. The works will be exhibited at the exhibition event of the MARLESS project, which will be organized as part of the Eco Underwater Cleaning Action in Rovinj, June 4, 2022.