Project MARLESS: Clean-up actions with Eco-schools - Island Fratarski - Project MARLESS: Clean-up actions with Eco-schools - Island Fratarski - MARLESS


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Project MARLESS: Clean-up actions with Eco-schools - Island Fratarski

Published on 12/05/2022 (last modified 25/05/2022)

After the completed training on marine litter, which was held in eco-schools during April, IRENA - Istrian Regional Energy Agency launched beach cleaning campaigns together with students who passed the training. Altogether, in the six eco-schools involved, about 300 students attended the training. After the first action held on the Vižula peninsula, on April 28, 2022, the second action was held on May 3, 2022, on the Fratarski Island.

In the action, with the coordination of IRENA, students from the Elementary School Kaštanjer, Pula and Elementary School Monte Zaro, Pula participated. The students were deployed in two corridors and after a brief introduction to the objectives of the action and demonstration sorting exercises, they started a short action of cleaning the coastal area of ​​the island. About 50 participants took part in the event. The action took place in such a way that the collected waste was immediately disposed of in colorful bags intended for plastic, metal, paper and other waste. After the collection, the students performed a detailed monitoring of the collected waste, where they counted the collected waste by different categories and subjects. The analysis showed that most of the collected waste was related to plastic waste such as pieces of broken bags, corks, cigarette butts, ear sticks, ropes, pieces of styrofoam and many other items. In addition to plastic, waste from various materials could be found, such as pieces of metal, fishing hooks and, unfortunately, many pieces of glass from broken bottles. In this short time, 12 kg of various waste was collected, emphasizing that only smaller pieces of waste were collected. The clean-up action, in addition to the benefits of cleaning the coastal area, aimed to show the students involved and the general public how much waste can really be found on our coast and further raise awareness of this global problem. After the cleaning action, the students visited the Uljanik Pula Underwater Activities Club, where the club representatives had a brief introduction to diving equipment and invited the students to start diving. Among other things, there was talk about what can be found under the sea, so among the beautiful marine environment we can find many pieces of waste that ended up there by the irresponsible behavior of people.