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MADE IN-LAND project: Local commitee Meeting in Marche Region

Published on 13/01/2020 (last modified 13/01/2020)

On  10th January 2020 at Rectorate - University Campus of University of Camerino Marche Region, as Lead partner, organized the first local committee Meeting for the presentation of the project “MADE IN-LAND – MAnagement and DEvelopment of INLANDs” to local stakeholders.

The event in question, in particular, was a second occasion to meet the regional local stakeholders after the regional event in order to activate the local actor’s network and start a direct  involvement of stakeholder supporting  the project actions  at promoting inland natural and cultural heritage.

The natural and cultural analysis and the governance framework analysis carried out were shared with the local actor as well as the collection of their feed back and suggestion.
According the Agenda through a specific round table the discussion deployed on how to improve the physical and virtual accessibility of a specific natural and cultural destination :The Valle del Chienti.

The main topics to deepen were: - Good practices and planning;- Slow mobility itineraries to improve the use of the naturalistic-cultural heritage;- Structured and complex actions to encourage integrated tourist use between the coast and inland areas.

Speakers at the evet were:
•    Dr. Andrea Pellei, Marche Region,Made in Land Project’s  lead Partner, 
•    Prof. Massimo Sargolini, University of Camerino
•    Dr. Simona Teoldi, Marche Region, Assets an cultural activites Unit.

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