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angle-left null Inauguration of KeyQ+ Point in Mali Losinj

Inauguration of KeyQ+ Point in Mali Losinj

Published on 02/09/2019 (last modified 02/09/2019)


Sep 10, 2019 h.


Sep 10, 2019 h.


Mali Losinj

The KeyQ+ Point of Mali Losinj will be officially inaugurated next September, 10th 2019 in Mali Losini. 

The opening event will match delicious food tastings from local restaurants and music performances and concert.

The KeyQ+ Point in Losinj is sited at the Museum of Apoxyomenos. 

The event is organised by the Tourism Board of the Town of Mali Losinj, partner of the KeyQ+ Project.

Registration is kindly required.

Agenda of the event