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Published on 29/12/2021 (last modified 05/01/2022)


On Monday, December 27, 2021, the educational kitchen was held at the Pula City Market, organized by the Istrian Development Agency - IDA d.o.o. as part of the INVESTINFISH project, a two-day tasting workshop on the topic of introducing innovations in the fisheries and aquaculture sector of the Istrian County.

On that occasion, the culinary potential of the bluefish (also known as 'arrow'), otherwise aggressive and invasive fish species in the Adriatic, was presented by chef Robert Perić through the preparation of innovative and creative fish dishes, which workshop participants had the opportunity to taste.


Director of the Istrian Development Agency Ph.D Boris Sabatti pointed out that this initiative within the INVESTINFISH project is a good way to round out the results that IDA has achieved in the project itself; from the purchase of kitchen equipment for kindergartens in the total value of 85,000 kuna with the aim of promoting healthier diets and greater use of fish in children's diets to encourage the development of innovative investments of 8 Istrian entrepreneurs in fisheries and aquaculture by IDA aquaculture in the County of Istria for the period from 2021 to 2027 and enabled the preparation of 8 investment studies that will serve for the further development of their business ideas.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to gain new knowledge about fish species with an emphasis on the arrow as a potential threat to the Adriatic Sea, as it is an aggressive species, which combined with climate change poses a threat to natural balance in the marine ecosystem. Therefore, the goal is to control the spread of the arrow, educate fishermen on the proper method of fishing and opportunities for business expansion and inform the general public about the blue fish and its characteristics, as well as ways to prepare for a tasty and healthy meal.


Head of the Administrative Department for Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Fisheries and Water Management Ezio Pinzan pointed out that the potential for exploiting this species in the gastronomic offer in Istria is great and that it is also an opportunity to strengthen the visibility of the fishing area, products and services and local producers in the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Istria.


The INVESTINFISH project (Boosting INVESTments in INnovation of SMEs along the entire FISHery and aquaculture value chain), in which the total IDA budget is slightly more than 1.5 million kuna, is implemented with co-financing of cross-border cooperation program INTERREG V-A Italy - Croatia.