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Published on 23/07/2019 (last modified 23/07/2019)


May 28, 2018 h.


After successful organization of kick-off meeting in Venice and delivery of first project deliverables, iDEAL project partners will join their hand again for the 1st cross-border project meeting organized in Ostuni, 4th June 2018.

Meeting will focus, besides monitoring of project results and communication activities, on definition of impacts and hazards in project pilot areas what is important for elaboration of Climate Adaption Plans. The impacts are categorized by sectors such as agriculture, hydrology and water resources, coasts, energy, socio-economic, ecosystem and environment. Partners selected the four most relevant impacts for their territory and then identified the hazards that are held accountable for each impacts selected. The territorial vulnerability of climate impacts will be assessed and localized using new technology, thus climate adaptation strategies will be proposed based on quantitative and qualitative climate analysis evaluation and assessed considering decision-makers’ objectives and priorities.


On the next day, 5th June 2018, project partners will participate at transnational event Worldwide day of the environment 2018 in Ostuni, organized by partner Regional Natural Park Coastal Dunes with the collaboration of ITS Foundation and Research Center in Agricolture "Basile Caramia". After the event, Regional Natural Park Coastal Dunes will organize study visit in the park where partners will discuss about climate protection in natural protected areas.



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