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ICARUS 4th webinar: Open data to improve the mobility planning

Published on 20/10/2020 (last modified 20/10/2020)


Nov 11, 2020 h.14.30


Oct 11, 2020 h.15.30


Ms. Eleonora Tu


Which open data are available and how can these be used to improve mobility planning and support decision-making process? Mr. Gennaro Ceccarelli will present all these issues in the framework of the 4th ICARUS webinar.

Participants will be provided with an overview of the current opportunities offered by open data as useful tool for transport planning and relating decision-making processes. 
Following an introduction on a range of issues concerning data gathered through open sources and the purpose of their applications, a review of key advantages offered by revealed preference data available on the market (including big data collected from floating cars and similar tracking devices) will be introduced. The webinar will end with a discussion of possible real-world living conditions applications, targeting different modes of transport, to support transport planning and design.
The webinar is organised by Venice International University (VIU) conducted by Mr.Gennaro Ceccarelli.
Mr. Ceccarelli is a transport engineer with several years’ international experience in land development planning, sustainable transport planning, traffic engineering as well as design and evaluation of smart mobility solutions.  His project-based experience includes thorough feasibility studies for strategic transport investments; functional design of ITS; impact assessments and socio-economic evaluations; evidence-based transport policy recommendations; and the design of novel business models for shared mobility, connected vehicle applications and MaaS-type systems. 

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