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The Deputy Mayor Čogelja visited the construction site of the Training Regional in Vučevica

Published on 02/08/2022 (last modified 02/08/2022)

Mayor Čogelja, "These are not just infrastructure projects.  They bring new and added value".

The Deputy Mayor of Split-Dalmatia, Stipe Čogelja, visited the construction site of the Regional Training Center for the Training of Operational Forces of the Firefighting System in Vučevica (SDŽ). Visited by the Mayor of Split-Dalmatia Vučevica, it was held as part of a tour of a part of the active construction sites of Split-Dalmatia County, the total value of the work is around HRK 67 million.


- These is not just infrastructure project. The training regional center for the training of operational forces of the firefighting system in Vučevica brings new and added value - Deputy Mayor Čogelja said on the occasion.
The training regional center for the training of operational forces of the firefighting system represents the most significant infrastructure segment of the FIRESPILL cross-border project aimed at encouraging an improved reaction of cross-border emergency services and prevention by increasing the level of safety.
The works are progressing according to the expected dynamics, the first outlines of the future facilities of the central administrative and logistics base for special firefighting equipment, the civil protection and maritime incident unit, which will accommodate and maintain firefighting vehicles and equipment, form the command and communication center and the student section as an integral part of the facility. The center in Vučevica will coordinate and educate and train personnel in the field of protection against natural and other disasters, but the construction and equipping of simulation facilities, the organization of exercises, advanced training seminars (cross-border exchange of knowledge), civilian rescue demonstration exercises, etc. 
The ground floor consists of 13 garages for fire engines, changing rooms and sanitary facilities. There will be 15 four-bed accommodation units on the first floor, i.e. break rooms and classrooms, while a fire tower connected to a tunnel in the basement of the building will be located next to the eastern facade.
The equipment includes the construction of a fire house (Polygon A), a fire simulator for industrial plants (Polygon B), mobile simulators for transport (Polygon C), firefighting containers and products for training, and equipment for removing oil and oil derivatives in the event of a disaster.
The FIRESPILL project is implemented within the cross-border cooperation program INTERREG Italy - Croatia, which brings together 14 partners from two neighboring countries, including the Public Institution RERA S.D. for the coordination and development of the Split-Dalmatia County. The estimated budget of the FIRESPILL project is more than HRK 120 million, of which around HRK 65 million relates to activities in the Split-Dalmatia County, mostly to the construction and equipping of the Regional Training Center for training operational forces of the firefighting system in Vučevica. The objected value of the construction work is HRK 35,944,999.10 without VAT (or 44,931,248.88 with VAT).