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Fisheries in the Adriatic region - a shared ecosystem approach






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1.1: Enhance the framework conditions for innovation in the relevant sectors of the blue economy within the cooperation area


National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS


General Public

Local, regional and national public authorities

Regional & local development agencies, chambers of commerce, business support organizations

SMEs, Universities, technology transfer institutions, research institutions

NGOs, associations, innovation agencies, business incubators, cluster management bodies and networks

Education and training organizations as well as social partners and labor-market institutions

The FAIRSEA project aims at enhancing transnational capacity and cooperation in the field of an ecosystem approach to fisheries in the Adriatic region by exchanging knowledge and sharing good practices among partners. The complementary expertise of the partners is shared, interlinked and integrated, considering also challenges and opportunities identified by stakeholders. The efforts are embedded in a spatially explicit management platform that will allow to share expertise, create a common pool of knowledge, boost the operational application of the ecosystem approach to fisheries, enhance the competence in complex system dynamics, and foster a consensus on the state of the environment and fisheries in the region. The process developed in FAIRSEA will provide an opportunity to describe best practices and define guidelines for a sustainable fishery management.


FAIRSEA Final conference - Session 5: Interacting with other projects for finding next steps for EAF
FAIRSEA Final conference: Session 4: Evaluating management strategies in the EAF context
FAIRSEA Final conference - Session 3: Participatory tools in FAIRSEA
FAIRSEA Final conference - Session 2: Scientific Tools for an EAF in Adriatic sea
FAIRSEA Final conference: Session 1: Building blocks for the EAF in the Adriatic Sea
The trophic level of marine species - part II
The trophic level of marine species - part I
FAIRSEA for stakeholders
FAIRSEA for younger generations
FAIRSEA Video presentation
FAIRSEA Fishing in the Adriatic food web
FAIRSEA project: a short presentation

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National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS


Trieste - Italy


OGS is an Italian public research Institute active in the field of pure and applied research on Earth and Marine Sciences (Oceanography, Geophysics, Seismology) with a focus on development and management of Research Infrastructures. OGS missions are to safeguard environment and natural resources and to prevent geological, environmental and climatic risks. A core activity is to implement the sustainable blue growth promoting Science Policy.

Contact person: Simone Libralato

E-mail: slibralato@inogs.it​​​​​​​


Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries - IOF


IOF is the main platform for carrying national and international scientific projects in the field of fisheries and aquaculture. By the decision of the Croatian Government the IOF became National Reference Center for the Sea. With around 130 employees and valuable modern equipment it is wholly competitive to provide not only scientific research activities but also to offer a professional, educational and counselling activities to private sector and public decision making institutions.

Contact person: Nedo Vrgoč

E-mail: vrgoc@izor.hr​​​​​​​


Ministry of Agriculture - Department for Professional Support to the Development of Agriculture and Fisheries


Ministry of Agriculture is a government body that oversees the development of agriculture and fisheries in Croatia, manages the biological resources of the sea and fresh water, determines and controls fishing effort and manages EMFF for Croatia. The Support service in the use of fisheries policy measures is a part of the Department for Professional Support to the Development of Agriculture and Fisheries that carries out advisory activities in agriculture, fisheries and rural development.

Contact person: Zdravko Tušek

E-mail: zdravko.tusek@mps.hr​​​​​​​


National Research Council - Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies (CNR-IRBIM)

CNR-IRBIM is an Italian public research Institute carries out research on the following main thematic areas: a) Biology and ecology of marine organisms; b) Population structure, connectivity and spatial distribution of the main fishery resources; c) Ecology of marine microorganisms and microbial biotechnologies; d) Innovative technologies for sustainable fishing and aquaculture activities; e) Integrated management of the coastal area.

Contact person: Francesco Masnadi

E-mail: francesco.masnadi@an.ismar.cnr.it


Assam - Agency for Agrofood Sector Services of Marche


ASSAM is the regional agency for the agrofood sector of Marche Region. Its mission is linking productive and research sector, acting in close cooperation with decision-makers, Universities & Research Centers, primary sector stakeholders, providing: Innovation brokering services; Technical assistance to agrofood and primary sector operators; Dissemination & training courses; Technical assistance to Marche Regional Authority for regional and EU projects management.

Contact person: Uriano Meconi

E-mail: meconi_uriano@assam.marche.it​​​​​​​


Coispa Research & Technology


COISPA Tecnologia & Ricerca is a cooperative of researchers and technicians founded in Bari, Italy, in 1978. The cooperative is running according to the no-profit principles of mutuality. COISPA mission is to apply an interdisciplinary approach to the study of living marine resources, marine environments, fisheries, aquaculture and production of eco-system services. Scientific research activities have been strengthened thanks to the participation to national and European research projects.

Contact person: Maria Teresa Spedicato

E-mail: spedicato@coispa.it​​​​​​​


National Interuniversity Consortium for Marine Sciences - CoNISMa


CoNISMa represents the excellence of the National University system involved in the Marine Science. As Local Research Units, the Department of Biology (University of Bari-UNIBA) and the Marine Biology and Fisheries Laboratory of Fano (University of Bologna-UNIBO) have often had a leading role in National and EU projects being involved into scientific researches and capacity building activities regarding the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region.

Contact person: Roberto Carlucci

E-mail: roberto.carlucci@uniba.it​​​​​​​


Public Institution RERA S.D. for coordination and development of Split-Dalmatia County


RERA SD is a regional development agency that deals with effective coordination and implementation of regional development projects, established by Split-Dalmatia county with the aim of creating an operational unit responsible for the development of the region, with a focus on European integration and attracting foreign investment and with mission to be a link between the public, private and civil sector in building strategic partnerships.

Contact person: Ivo Benzon

E-mail: ivo.benzon@rera.hr​​​​​​​


Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development SUNCE


Sunce is one of the leading environmental organisations in Croatia. Our work is implemented through public participation; educating and informing the public for changing values and behaviours; research to create baselines and guidelines for efficient conservation measures; advocating for responsible management of resources. Areas of our work are protected areas/Natura 2000 management, species and habitats monitoring, sustainable tourism and fishery, environmental law and education.

Contact person: Tea Kuzmičić Rosandić

E-mail: tea.kuzmicic@sunce-st.org​​​​​​​


Lag Eastern Venice - VEGAL


VeGAL (GAL Eastern Venice) is a development agency founded in 1995 that aims to support the development of areas in eastern Venice by promoting intersectoral actions in the tourism, agriculture and environment sectors. Since 2011, it also operates as a local action group for fishing (FLAG) and over the years has supported and financed many projects located in coastal areas with the aim of developing fishing and aquaculture activities in the maritime sector of Venice.

Contact person: Cinzia Gozzo

E-mail: vegal@vegal.net​​​​​​​


University of Split - University Department of Marine Studies


University Department of Marine Studies is the branch and organisational unit of University of Split involved in scientific research and teaching, offering undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies in marine biology, ecology, fisheries and applied marine sciences and covering different aspects of the scientific research in marine fisheries, marine biology, marine ecology and marine biotechnology.

Contact person: Svjetlana Krstulović Šifner

E-mail: ssifner@unist.hr​​​​​​​


Asset Publisher

Asset Publisher


Here all the documents of FAIRSEA project

D2.2.1 - Project webpage content, update and maintenance

PUBLISHED ON 10/08/2021
PDF (0.42 Mb)

D2.2.2 - Communication through social media (PR1)

PUBLISHED ON 10/08/2021
PDF (1.05 Mb)

D2.2.2 - Communication through social media (PR2)

PUBLISHED ON 10/08/2021
PDF (1.88 Mb)

D2.3.1 - Flyer 

PUBLISHED ON 14/02/2020
PDF (5.46 Mb)

D2.3.2 - Project Roll-up

PUBLISHED ON 21/01/2021
PDF (8.58 Mb)

D2.3.4 - Discussion game

PUBLISHED ON 21/01/2021
PDF (2.2 Mb)

D2.3.6 - Project Brochure

PUBLISHED ON 21/01/2021
PDF (0.95 Mb)

D2.5.3 - Press releases

PUBLISHED ON 10/08/2021
PDF (1.21 Mb)

D3.1.1 - Context analysis on institutional, technical and socioeconomic aspects

PUBLISHED ON 21/01/2021
PDF (1.86 Mb)

D3.1.2 - Context analysis on socioeconomic aspects resulting from fishermen and fishing enterprises meetings

PUBLISHED ON 21/01/2021
PDF (0.65 Mb)

D3.2.1 - Cross-border roadmap for a conceptual framework on operational EAF in the region

PUBLISHED ON 21/01/2021
PDF (0.37 Mb)

D3.3.1 - First Advanced School

PUBLISHED ON 21/01/2021
PDF (1.62 Mb)

D3.3.3 Technical events for policy makers

PUBLISHED ON 03/08/2021
PDF (0.88 Mb)

D4.1.1 – Connectivity and main circulation patterns in the Adriatic Sea

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (2.84 Mb)

D4.1.2 – Scenario analysis of future circulation

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (3.46 Mb)

D4.2.1 – Production patterns in the Adriatic Sea

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (5.52 Mb)

D4.2.2 – Future scenarios of production patterns

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (7.8 Mb)

D4.3.1 - Spatio-temporal distribution of marine species

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (5.27 Mb)

D4.4.1 – Catches and fishing capacity by fleet segment

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (2.21 Mb)

D4.5.1 Fishing effort map distribution

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (7.03 Mb)

D4.6.1 – Calibrated BEMTOOL applications to the Adriatic Region

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (0.79 Mb)

D4.6.2 – Management scenarios of policy using BEMTOOL outputs

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (6.95 Mb)

D4.7.1 – Calibrated Ecopath with Ecosim model for the Adriatic and Ionian region

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (4.26 Mb)

D4.8.1 First analysis of layers of information

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (2.13 Mb)

D4.8.2 Integrated platform and key elements

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (4.74 Mb)

D4.8.3 – Report on the preference modelling approach developed (MCDA)

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2021 New
PDF (1.07 Mb)

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