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Types of tourism in Municipality of Čavle

Published on 01/03/2021 (last modified 01/03/2021)

Because it’s first tourism activities date back to 19th century, Municipality of Čavle gradually developed niche tourism, perfectly tailored for various visitors. Firstly, Čebuhar family built two inns for passengers in 1830s on the historic Louisiana road, which connects the norther Adriatic and Rijeka with Zagreb and the rest of Croatia. While today, Čavle have two big tourist attractions – Grobnik Circuit with thousands of racing contestants and viewers, and ski resort Platak which was upgraded in 1930s with two mountain lodges. Touirsts are now using Municipality of Čavle for longer stays, because it functions as a base from which they can go on the shore, or for various adrenaline activities. What else Čavle has to offer, revealed Ivan Salamon, director of the Čavle Municipality Tourist board, who for the latest Excover interview noted that gastronomic specialities are just icing on the cake of diverse tourism of this area in Primorje-Gorski Kotar county.

While tourism of Primorje - Gorski Kotar county excels on the shore, a long tradition of inland and mountain tourism must not be forgotten. For example, in municipality of Čavle it all started with Čebuhar family, who had built two inns for passengers in 19th century on the historic Louisiana road that connects the norther Adriatic and Rijeka with Zagreb and further inland. How it developed and what are it’s perspectives today, revealed Ivan Salamon, director of the Čavle Municipality Tourist board in the latest Excover interview.

Grobnik Circuit and ski resort Platak

- The latest form of tourism in this area is mostly the result of Grobnik Circuit, which attracts thousands of racing contestants and viewers. However, we also must note that the construction of one smaller and one larger mountain lodge on our ski resort Platak in 1930s, began to have a significant role in the tourism development of this area, introducing the beginnings of winter tourism through ski and other complementary activities – said Salamon, whose Tourist board organizes various events and manifestations, while working on the recognition and strengthening the image of municipality of Čavle.  

- We are lucky to have year - round tourism precisely because of the proximity of Rijeka and the business zone Kukuljanovo in the city of Bakar. We are welcoming many business -related travellers that stay overnight in our area. Moreover, Platak is attracting different varieties of groups - excursionists, sports enthusiasts, and hikers. People also rent holiday homes here for seven or more days, because of our proximity to various attractions and national parks, but also because of our good traffic network – revealed director of Čavle Municipality Tourist board, adding that visitors often use this area as a base from which they go on excursions, to the beach for a swim, or for various adrenaline activities.

Festivals and gastronomic offer

Today, most famous and most visited event in Čavle is Festival of Polenta and Cheese. Since municipality’s tourist board regularly organizes such festivals, they succeeded in imposing on the restaurants in the area local gastronomic specialties, such as the potato polenta and salty sheep's milk cheese called Grobnički sir, who are now in their permanent offer. 

- We have very good gastronomic offer, with award winning restaurants that nurture a centuries old tradition. Also, one of our restaurants can be frequently found on the top 100 Croatian restaurants list, which proves that we have a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy – concluded Ivan Salamon, pleased with the way of tourism development in municipality of Čavle.