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FOLLOW UP NEWS - Workshop in Venice

Published on 27/05/2019 (last modified 03/06/2019)

"Muoversi in città riducendo l'impatto ambientale"

On 15th May 2019 the workshop of ECOMOBILITY "Muoversi in città riducendo l'impatto ambientale" (trad. Move around the city reducing the environmental impact) was held in Venice.

Almost a 100 people participated to the event, including representatives of local authorities, students and citizens. The results of the project was shown to the population, explaining the procedures and the importance of the topic in a simple and intuitive way. Some talks were focused on the particulate matter concentration, size distribution and chemical characterization; plenty of room was also given to the environmental data collection system and to the application for planning ecological trips.

The population was invited to download the application "EcoMobility" from the play store and to provide impressions and comments using the linked survey. To date there have been over 300 downloads of the application. The talks were well received and during the lunch the conversation with the participants continued. The national press was also present and had the opportunity to do interviews with the speakers.

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