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EDUCATION “Environmentally-responsible nautics and related services”

Published on 23/11/2020 (last modified 08/12/2020)

Environmentally-responsible nautics and related services

Trainings were held during November in two marinas, Strožanac and Spinut. Because of situation caused Covid-19 virus, trainings were in two circles.

Ranko Milić, M.Sc.E.E prepared PowerPoint presentation according to Curriculum “Environmentally Responsible nautical tourism and related services”

Two-days trainings were held in PŠD “Špinut” 13th and16th November (9 participants) and 26th and 27th November (10 participants).

Also, two-days trainings were held in DŠR “Strožanac” 6th and 9th November (6 participants) and 19th and 20th November (5 participants).

All participants completed Training Evaluation Forms and highly rated the quality of education.